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Emotional coaster

I'd say Level 2, since i took about 1.

I'd say Level 2, since i took about 1.something g of dried cubensis,
but i am small, so, not sure.

But the degree of trip depends on which state your mind is in. I had
a sad break up with my boyfriend whom i was with for many years some
months ago. I thought things were passed.

(Hour 0) So it was around Christmas time, with a friend we took 4
dried cubensis and went to see a movie (Hour 1). It was "the Mighty",
where there was a sad scene that a child's best friend dies. towards
the end of the film (Hour 2 the peak time !). I was so much in the
movie that i didn't even realize that i was high with
shrooms. Fortunately the theater was dark because my tears were
running down my face like literary water fall.

(Hour 2.5) After the film, i just couldn't control myself from crying,
as well as i noticed that my head was so heavy that i had hard time
walking down the stairs. I wanted to share this strong emotion with
my friend. He was tripping so hard that he didn't even follow the
story !

(hour 3) And all the sudden, another sadness came out from my chest
and i just had to be left alone. Alone, i walked, started to think
about my ex-boyfriend. All those feeling that i thought i forgot
after 6 months. I could feel his soft voice in my ear, his warmth on
my skin that chilled my back.... so realistic. And waves of emotions
coming out like if i was sick and vomiting... but it was not. It was
emotions which was multiplied by i don't know how much.

I looked over the car lights passing in front of tearly eyes, and i
was seeing the horizontal line of red and white lights suspended on
the ground. And i couldn't stop crying... no one cares about me...

Another hour passed (Hour 4) while i walked aimlessly. I got back to
my friend's place where i found him waiting for me. He started to
telling me i forgot what, but he made me laugh for the rest of the
night, and i was happy to be with him, and i am today with him.

So strange, i get on this emotional roller coaster. From the bottom
of the sadness up to 10000 meters of happiness, the cubensis.

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