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Colorful insight

One day after I got out of school I went to a friends car in the parking lot and purchased 2 hits of blotter acid.

One day after I got out of school I went to a friends car in the parking lot and purchased 2 hits of blotter acid. Then I went and found a friend that was going to sell my brother 8 sugar cubes(each sugar cube had 2 drops of liquid acid on then), my brother had already gone home so I picked them up for him and took 2 of them out of the bag for myself. I went home and gave him the rest of the sugar cubes. My brother and I were planning to trip that night. Later that night we got dropped of at the local LaserTag/Arcade. I ate my 2 hits of blotter and both of my suger cubes. I sat and watched TV in the lounge of the arcade for about 45 minutes until I started to fell the effects of the acid. After the acid started to kick in I went outside for a cigarette. While I was smoking my cigarette my friend that sold my brother the suger cubes pulled up and got out of his car and said that he was tripping and didnt have anything to do so he decided to come hang out with us. We went back into the arcade and my friend and I jumped in to the Jurassic Park game and started to blow the hell out of the dinosaurs. While I was shooting th dinos I noticed that their bodies where shifting and morphing while they were jumping out at us, it made the game much more fun. After the game was over we decided to go over to the Laser Tag place. As we left the arcade I noticed heavy tracers on everything that was moving, and all the games and lights in the arcade seemed to be waving and shifting as if they were trying to leave the arcade, but couldnt get out. We walked outside so I pulled out another cigarette ad started smoking. Whenever I would take a drag the glowing at the end of the cigarette would change colors from red to green to blue and the back to red, it was very amazing to see! Everything around me seemed to be moving and breathing as if everything was alive, the trees seemed to be talking to eachother and laughing. The ground seemed to be breathing very heavily as if it couldnt take anymore of the beatings that human kind was giving it. I was very very amazed at what insight I was getting from everything around me. When we reached the laser tag place we stood outside to finish our cigarettes. While we were smoking the security gaurd walked over to us and started asking us if we knew anything about any drug dealing going on around there. While the security gaurd was asking us questions 2 pigs pulled up right in front of us, got out of there cars and also started asking us questions about drug dealing. My friend and I were freaked, we were both caring acid and tripping pretty hard. It was very hard to concentrate on the pigs questions because the only thing I could concentrate on was the way the officers face was waving and twisting. Then I looked at the ground and I thought that the officer was sinking into the ground as if it were quicksand, so I steped back and it slowly returend to normal except the ground was still waving back and forth. I guess the police were satisfied because the left with out searching us. About a half an hour later I got a ride home and continued to have pretty good visuals for about another 2 hours.
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