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Coastal Tripping in Maine

About three weeks ago my friend and I ate 1/8 of boomers at around 11PM and we had two sober friends take us on a tour of Mount Desert Island Beaches in Eastern Maine.

About three weeks ago my friend and I ate 1/8 of boomers at around 11PM and we had two sober friends take us on a tour of Mount Desert Island Beaches in Eastern Maine. I strongly suggest having sober people with you to guide you around if you plan on having a very intense trip. At around 1145 I could feel the boomers kicking in, I had done boomers before, but apparently I got below average booms because I had mild hallucinations, but no profound trip. This trip was a different story. As we started off on the highway each sign I saw would appear after I had already seen it, I was having visual flashbacks of things that I had already seen. At first it was freaking me out, but once my friend put in Skeletons in the Closet by the Grateful Dead I seemed to mellow out a lot more. I was chillen for a while and my trip began to settle down a little bit, we got off at the exit for Mount Desert Island and a logging truck was trying to pass us. It had tons of lights and from what I remember I thought some sort of aircraft was trying to pass us, my sober friends thought that was hilarious that my other tripping friend and I thought some sort of aircraft/spaceship was trying to pass us on a road. Our next destination was some beach, I don' even recall the name. This is when I was really starting to peak with my trip, I remember looking for my gloves and everything was moving and alive. It took my friend and I about 15 minutes to walk down a flight of steps because we found them funny for some odd reason. As we came down to the beach there were a ton of rocks that all seemed to be rocking back and forth simultaneously. There was a forest off to the side of the beach in the far distance and the tree tops were swaying back and forth in a wavy motion. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, I then began to start having these real powerful emotional feelings as I was taking in the scenery. They weren't negative at all, I truly suggest if you ever plan to eat a lot of mushrooms, go out in the nature, you truly feel at peace when the trip sets in. We decided to leave the beach after it again took my friend and I about 20 minutes to walk up the steps. We then headed off to my friend's summer cabin which was on another private beach. There was a long dirt road leading up to the cabin with many pine trees along the sides of us, I remember not being able to see the path we were on and all the trees were blending together and seemed like they were all connected, I was mystified on how my friend was driving. I literally thought that he was just randomly driving off in the woods, at the time I didn't believe there was an actual road. When we arrived at the cabin we went straight out to the beach. All the rocks were morphing into these weird leathery animal-type objects that were constantly rotating or moving in some sort. I also saw the same waving motion with the tree tops that I mentioned before. One of my sober friends noticed that there was a dead jellyfish that had come up on the shore. The minute I heard the phrase "dead jellyfish" everything on the beach started to morph into these slimy, disgusting looking dead animals. There was a huge rock that looked like a dead whale with these small eels crawling inside of it, we later found out that it was a rock with seaweed. A little frightened by what I just saw, I suggested we go up to the cabin to chill for a while. We started to chill at the cabin when I got these crazy feelings of confusion and inability to stay still. I started thinking about how crazy the world we live in is. How somewhere there is someone starving, dying, being born, things of that sort. Then I started to get real emotional over my situation in life, how lucky I was to be a college student and how privileged I was. I sat by myself just taking to myself in my head; taking in the scenery and the amazing sounds of the water crashing into the shore. This is when my trip began to really settle down, I slowly was gaining back sobriety. I was kind of of upset that the trip was ending, but at the same time a relief. Not that the trip was bad or anything, but it took me by surprise because the first time i did mushrooms I had NOWHERE NEAR the experience I had this time. Also I tripped for about 4 or 5 hours, a very long time in my opinion. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience, very intense but I really enjoyed the way on how I was mentally reflecting on a lot of things going on in my life and in the world around me. Also one more thing, NATURE IS UNBELIEVABLE WHEN YOUR TRIPPING ON MUSHROOMS.

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