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Clarity through Depersonalization

With only a half-eigth in my body, i shared one amazing trip with my friend N.

With only a half-eigth in my body, i shared one amazing trip with my friend N. who digested the same amount as I. After about 45 minutes of strumming the guitars, we put them down, and then it really hit us, so now we're trippin. At first, it was like any trip, beautiful vibrant colors and patterns, etc, but then we put on 23 by Jimmy Eat World, and got lost somewhere far far away from my couch. Honest to god, it defies words, but i'll try anyway:

Every feeling and emotion ive ever felt and experienced rushed through my body, and my skin felt cold and liquidy. I started intensley at a nautilus shell i found at the beach some time ago, lost in the exotic swirl of colors and textures. My mind raced out of control, i felt the darkness from one side of the room crash down upon me like a tsunami, only to be hit in return by the light from the other side. My skin, and in turn, my entire life, ego, personality, my essence, erased itself from the face of the universe, or rather, blended into it, seamlessly, to make me feel at one with everything, but also, feel more isolated then ive ever felt in my life. My couch rippled and the blue and red threads seemed to grow like mystical trees, i felt the entire world around me beating my heart, organically, forever, timeless.

Thats about the best i can do. i hope you can one day experience the same earth shattering sensory and emotionality i underwent.


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