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Well if you've ever heard of citrus or been then you can relate.

Well if you've ever heard of citrus or been then you can relate. If you've ever been to a rave, you can relate. If you've ever done more shrooms in an hour than in the month preciding it, you can not only relate, but probably imagine some of the fucked up shit that I saw, heard, and a mixture of the two.

Let's assume that you have never been to the ontario science centre. It's huge, hundreds of exhibits, hundreds of fun things to do and trip out on. Well after this experience I refer to it as the trippiest place on earth. Now what citrus is, is the said science centre plus about four thousand people, two house rooms, one jungle room, one outdoor patio playing house and about fifty thousand dollars of illigal narcotics. Sound fun? Let's now say that you have about a hundred friends at this place. Sound like a party yet? Add a few grams of some of the best shrooms I've ever tried, and try to tell me this doesn't have fun written all over it.

I went with my friends Adam, Tyler, Devin and Zoe. Earlier that day, Tyler had picked up about an ounce of mushrooms and had every intention of selling them all and eating his profits. I grabbed two and a half grams from him as did Adam. Devin two, Zoe two and Tyler only one. We get to where the shuttle bus was to pick us up and I looked aroung for people I knew. First I saw my spikey haired friend, Jon. Me and him go way back. I then saw an old friend from Horizon, Lacey. We said our hello's and she was on the bus. I took the second bus along with my friends.

When we got on the bus I noticed how much I wanted a belt made from a seat belt. Luckily, being on a school bus, there were plenty of seat belts to go aroung. Devin forgot to leave his knife at home and we got to cuttin the belts. I got one and so did Tyler. Before the bus got to the science centre, I had sold two grams of shrooms for Tyler. We get out and stand in line for about a half an hour before getting in.

Once inside, we put our things in a locker and went down stairs. We heard music and walked in that direction. I decided now was as good a time as any to eat my shrooms. I took them down with a gulp of water and too much tang. Adam took his down with some toilet paper and even more tang. Devin just ate his with water. Okay, now we wait, dance and explore. Now, having never been to a rave with this crew it was frun to see them dance, not because they we bad. They were supprisingly good actually, but just to see what style of groove they adopted.

Well that was the dancing part, how about some exploring. We traveled down the escalator and found the jungle room. This is where I like to be. This was where there were the best dancers, best girls, best music. We danced for a while and made our way out to the smoking section. As soon as we steped outside, Wham! The smell of dope. We all had a cigarette and made some friends. By this time, the shrooms were setting in and I could feel that really good feeling that you notice before a really good trip in my chest.

We left the Jungle room and i found some friends who wanted mushrooms. i told them that I'd help them find tyler. We were traveling up the escalator when I saw on the other side, A huge flock of good friends. I just jumped over and said hello, totaly forgeting about robin and her friend. They eventually found me again.

I'll skip ahead to the happenings and strange things. I was outside and saw a joint being passed around. I asked, "what would it take to get on your good side?" to the person who just got the joint. She blew me a fantastic super and I was on my way. I steped inside and stared at a janitor for about five minutes because her face was turning into a lizard and her mop into a snake. Damn! I said to myself and went to find some friends. I went up the escaltor and looked at the down one beside me. All they faces of the passengers turned into a big blur and I realized I was geting some hellish trails. I reached the top of the escalator and there were some friends sitting on a bench talking to someone who looked even more like a lizard, only more eyes. I don't know what happened next but then Adam, Devin and I were getting into an elivator to try to find some place to smoke. In came three people we didn't know. They pressed the stop button. One of the girls (there were two) asked if we minded chillen for a while. I said of course not. They broke out some coke and started snorting it. They offered some to me, but I'm not really into that stuff. We finally got off the elivator and the cute girl gave me a bid hug and squeezed my ass. I kissed her on the cheek and left.

Devin got lost and it was just me and adam. By this time, every thing was trailing, colours were everywhere, everything was breathing, getting farther and closer or talking to me. I of course spoke jibberish about wanting to make it better. We found a nice balcony overlooking a dance floor. Every one had glowsticks and the beat of the music was getting to me. Every once and a while the DJ would play the same wicked ass sample and I would skip back about five minutes in my trip. Suddenly, all the little lights from the glow sticks started to move in patterns and they started to spin. I thought that I would be dizzy so I closed my eyes. I still saw all the lights but now the colours were brighter and they were swinging inches from my face and I could actually feel heat from each one. Then they turned into little balls and started to make designs. I opened my eyes and found that my friends Adam had turned into nothing more than the absence of darkness. By this I mean that he turned into the little light balls and the balls started to dance. I slapped my hand on the rail and screamed, I'm Peaking!! as loud as I thought that I could. Adam just looked at me with a "It's about time" look on his face.

After that I went out side, smoked some more cones, and met up with Tyler. He had just taken two hits and smoked lots of weed. He insisted that I pinch him because he thought he was dreaming. I pinched hima and he didn't feel anything. I think it was becausei was dreaming too and the pinch got confused. It was then that the music started come to me in waves of light and fade in frightening vibrations in my chest.

I stumbled around for a lot longer and the at about seven in the morning decided to leave. The party was over. We were all so very very tired. But next time, I think that I'll bring a tape recorder. To see what really happened.


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