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christmas spirit

okay to start this shit off .

okay to start this shit off ... i suck at spelling spacing and all that other stuff but forget it this trip has tp be told..k my name is rob i live in calgary alberta canada and the shrooms out here are phat.during christmas vacation in grade 10 me and my best friend jon and another close friend lance were just cold chillin his parents had left for the weekend and i was dealing mushrooms nobody had money to buy and we had shit to do so i decided that what i had left was all prof any way so we split up about 6 and a half each beetween us tree and we all droped at 7:30 about 25 mins later we all were getting the weird body tingling feeling..now i had done mush about 50 times before this so it wasnt anything new..

i hadnt tried my crop yet though it was looking good sofar..well it was very cold out side and the wind was incredible and we had nowhere to go ...once 10 mins past we all had started the peak it was a very akward peak i didnt want to be in a house i neded to go some where we all did after arguing for bout halfhour we got our jackets on and went for an adventure to the north hill mall which was a 5 min walk we went out the doorway and it was so cold i felt like laying on the ground and yelling we ran to the mall when we were outside i didnt feel that high but when we entered the mall we were all fucked we didnt understand why we even came..so we decided to get smokes but none of us are 18 so we had to wait in the food court by the safe way and ask peeps as they walked by my visuals were flying the mall had christmas lights up every where and the christmas music was bumpin in the background..it all reminded me of a circus the floor and all the walls were just breathing and going along with the musici saw a person aproching and i was going to ask if they could get me smokes but when i got up from the chair the floor was all flowin and bublin i couldn'twalk rite i had to adjust to the floor suroundings...

eventually my friend jon asked this lady to buy then for us and she did...so we decided to take this elevator that we seen at the end of the mall cause none of us had ever been up there before we hit top floor...ding the door opened and there were all these pictures and offices and acrosse was tree leather couches we were like what the fuck is goung on here ...without thinking we all jumped onto the couches and trip staring with amazement at the colorful wallz and pictures ..i looked to my rite and seen an ashtray i was like shit i really need a smoke..when your zoomin there is nothing like a smoke ...we all lit up and had this smoke it was wonderful this was turning out to be the best trip i was stoked about how long it was lasting and every thing
after about 20 mins of sitting on thouse comfy seats we decided to go down the elevator which we should not of done

we got in hit main and then ding the doors open insted of flowing dripping highness ..nothing my high ended without warning the fucked up thing was that the same thing happend to all of us not just me we were fucking shocked out of our heads ...we walked home compleatly sober and carried on the night like nnothing had happened...that was one of the best tripz the magic has ever done for me....email me to talk about bother trips were they end at a halt? newskoolpimp@hotmail.com

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