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Einstein's Trip

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the first time I tripped on shrooms, I was in some shitty techno club, Im not into this music but I went for a friend. So Im in the club and I downed a couple of gin and sevens, but Im runnin low on cash, I need somethin stronger. I wanted some weed but nobody's carrying, but my bro comes to me with some guy, and he offers me this giant cap. So I eat it and chased it with another gin. So I ask buddy over here "yo whats gonna happen to me?" and hes like "dont worry its good, it'l make you feel good" so Im like "what the hell does that mean?" In about a half hour I began to find out. First a tingling sensation overtook my body, then I noticed colors and light. I remember noticing some girls tattoo as she danced and I thought I saw it changing and moving. After this I had to sit down, I felt like I was just hit with a hammer-- it was strange but enjoyable. I was talking with some people but it was really hard to concentrate, I kept zoning out. Soon enough I got bored with trying to pretend to care about what these people were saying so I found my self a nice soft sofa in a quiet corner and closed my eyes. I could see colours and geometric forms this lasted a while. I lost track of time, when I opened my eyes it was like 2 in the morning, my boy finds me and says "time to go." Cool we hit the streets, this is where things got really good. WEre walking and talking, I felt like I was floating and gliding, everything was funny to me, everything was a fucking joke. I began to realize my hearing was supersensitive, I was picking up conversations from across the street and would understand 3 or 4 different conversations goig on at once. I also was able to tell who was on what. Acid, shrooms, xtc I knew it all, I was like mother fucking Einstein over here. The best part of the trip was the drive home. I forced myself to drive and the smallest hills on the drive home felt like mountains G. All in all it was a good trip xcept for the fact that i couldnt sleep and thoughts running through my head at a mile a minute almost drove me to suicide , but at about 7 in the morning I had a good cry and every thing was gravy again.

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