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Chitwan kicked my ......

I was sampling some homegrown fruits in chocolate.

I was sampling some homegrown fruits in chocolate. All i have to say is Wow!!! Chitwan kicked in after 15 minutes. After 30 minutes i was puking my guts out. After 45 i was tripping harder than i have ever tripped before. Let me just say i did not eat very much at all. After years of shrooming, i cant believe i had my ass kicked by some Chitwans. I was just sort of testing my dosage. I only ate about 2 grams. Ive eaten way more than that before.
It was my poor friends first time, she was afraid for her life, and she only ate 1.5 grams. I didnt fall asleep until 7am. I didnt wake up til 7pm.. cant wait til next time. But next time im starting off small and working my way up. Have fun be safe

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