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China Lake

Well it started out with me buying 4 grams of dried benzies.

Well it started out with me buying 4 grams of dried benzies. I was pretty excited when i got it.(i didnt shroom for a long time prior to this) So i was walking out by my school and calmly chomping on my shrooms. I didnt eat the whole thing because i had to give some to my buddy. I got to my friends house and show off my shrooms. He starts laughing because he knows im about to trip. So i brought over a cd and we pop it in (infected mushroom). Around 15 minuttes later after the cd i start to feel it. I get the first small wave and become excited. "Dude im startin to trip!" My friend calmly looks at me with a smile. As the music get coolor and cooler i notice that his ceiling was slowly shifting colors. From blue, to green, to red, etc. These colors were faint but noticable. Soon i saw writing on the ceiling and the writing was a messed up and spread out and i could see multiples of each word and it looked like they were popping out at me. As the music just got unbeilevably cool i looked to see what my friends where doing. They were dancing in these african masks and hairpeices. This made me laugh extremely hard. As i looked at the chair in front of them i noticed that the chair was moving but it wasnt. And the spaces in between the chair were changing sizes. I concluded that the shrooms were just fucking with me.

We went to play goldeneye 007 on N64. It was pretty sweet. Because i was in the vents in facility( you know that level) and the vents were moving back and forth and waving around. Also i noticed that when i was playing it seemed as if i was underwater. because everything was moving like it was in a pool of water that just been jumped into. Sometimes i would stop playing and look around. I noticed his lamp shade design was moving around. It was flowing, i thought it was awesome. I had to go and my other friend's(guy who i was supposed to share the rest with)dad came to pick me up. I was trippin pretty hard but some how i pulled it off. When he was drivin it was awesome! I remember looking outside at the trees and i thought i was there. it felt like i was outside floating around the trees.

I got to his house and went down to his room. He was tellin me about how hard he tripped the night before. I wasnt really paying attention so much, but i noticed he was moving like a robot. He kept jerking around and stopping suddenly at each movement. He ate his half and we went outside.

We went to a place called china lake(name of this story) and its in a forest..with a lake(obviously). But on the way there it was pretty sweet, because i had my headphones on and was listning to infected mushroom. And i was seeing major trails. I saw a bird fly across the street but i thought it was a gremlin. And all of a sudden birds were flying everywhere, not like a huge flock but like between 1 second intervals. Like a bird would fly from one direction and then another..then suddenly all these cars started drivin up the street out of nowhere and a dog would walk across the street every once in a while. I dont know if they were real or not, but they were trippin me out.

We soon found our trippin spot and sat down to look at the lake and trees. I sat down and slowly but fast at the same time the trees turned into a vortex of space and time, i awed at this for a amount of time and then like a motion of a whip being lashed, the flowers in front of me whipped in a fast like motion and i was snapped back into reality. And this all happened perfectly with the song i was lisnting to. That's probably the most that happened besides all the weird thoughts i had that i can't even explain (shroomers know what i mean). But i had a good day that day. I hope you guys like my report.


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