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chases trip

well, i ate about two caps.

well, i ate about two caps. then i drank five glasses of it,then i saw really good tracers and my face began to drip off, and i could crawl inside myself. i imagined like i was in space then i would open my eyes and i was there. it was the weirdest experience that i evr had, i started thinking about all the bad shit going on in my life... i thought about some crazy shit. my mind would'nt let me concentrate or think about one thing, i had all these images and thoughts floating around in my head,then my legs felt like jello, and my hallway would get wider, then smaller as i would walk down it... it was kinda scary at first, but then i got used to it and it was truly amazing... there better than acid, in my opinion!!! shroooooooommmmm

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