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ART The microscope and the telescope Be patient.


The microscope and the telescope

Be patient........

A new teacher entered the room
He said to look all around-
to the sky and to the ground
outward than inward zoom
Too hard to describe in words
This all sounds like turds
Spewing fourth from my mouth
and onto the table- which really isn't so stable
Look again and peel the layers
behind the skin
Behind the words
It flows just as I
It is life
life pumps through these veins
Life is time
And life is infinate
Because the world is round
It all comes back around


I began to stare
The bigger pitchure- than down to this tiny spot
And to believe this art can just be bought
Twirling now- downward
I ride the slide as it spirals
down to this- back to this
A child
A child and his world
A playground
Where it's fun to play
Believing he was perfectly sane
But than another came
A parent and his words
A teacher and her words
The world with it's words
Then it occured-
Soon I will become a parent
Soon I will become a teacher

But nothing is a substitute
....for you, teacher
This key
To discecting reality
This wonderous way to see
It's all coming back to me
It's slipping away and being hardened out
into this anchored reality of that life


What joy to watch it all
It's nothing compared to my tiny ball
Now I move to something new
But it's all the same to you
And who are you but a God
A ball
A ball with a pattern
A pattern that folds inwards and outwards
Into itself and out of itself- a sphere
Yin and Yang

Does it all have a name?
It's all one
It's all the same

Now I sit here and pout
What a shame this art has to be thrown out

Was it me or was it you?
Because I got a phone call at 2
But it was nobody
I hung up
Than I realized it was me
Just playing a game in this networked reality

All these organs functioning with their own beat
It all makes such beautiful music

The pattern unfolds into many
Which way to go is: any

Saturate me
But it's not enough

It twists and twirls up as it fades another color through time
The past is there in the dark where you just were
How neat

This is where I live
This is the underneath
This is the uncontious
It all connects
Now I remembered that I have forgotten

But let me stamp this iron into your reality-
Life is art

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