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Chaos in my vicinity

The day was Aug.

The day was Aug. 21, I had gotten hold of 1/8 of Zoomers
and was enjoying the coca cola, i had my shrooms saturated in, i had the whole 1/8 in my mouth, chewing them to mush, which tasted not bad at all, in fact the weed i had already dusted earlier in the evening had me convinced that it tasted like a strange new form of alcohol, anyway, the 1/8 was in my mouth and i chewed it to mush for about 7 minutes, i then took two mighty swallows and washed it down with the rest of my cola, the onset took about 45 minutes and when it hit i was (stupidly) driving my car to get beer with a few of my friends, there was 3 others, Jessie, Lou, and Donny, Donny isnt into shrooms but if i offered im sure he would partake, donny was the only sobre one, my parents were at the cottage and we hurriedly drove back to my place to sit, socialize and drink, I didnt have any beer, I had feared it would make my trip less intense, we were in my house for what seemed like ages, then, the next thing I knew, we were all out driving around outside the city limits on gravel roads, i was seeing all sorts of magnificent things on the side of the road, at one point i was convinced that I had passed a hitchhiking being of some sort, which my friend Lou pointed out as being just a small yard light near the acreage we had passed, killing that trip. Jessie was driving infront of me and I was concerned about his driving, to the point where every 10-15 seconds i'd go over the possibilities of him crashing and dieing and i'd say something like "Are you POSITIVE, Lou?, that jessie can drive in the state he's in?", Jessie and lou had taken 6 Tylenol each, which is very disturbing to watch, after you see them pound a six pack each. Anyway, we had come to a turn where Jessie decided to do some stunting, he spun his tires, spitting what looked to me like huge boulders into my windsheld and hood, afterwards I did not know what to say or do, i just sat there stunned and dazed trying to comprehend what had just happened, i began seeing huge dents in my hood and large chips in my windshield, which lou had told me weren't there, but he was drunk I thought, I could see better than he. I got out of my daze and we headed back towards the city, we began playing cat and mouse with each other, we'd speed ahead of one another trying to lose the other person, i had failed miserably on a few attempts to hide and/or lose Jessie, but the final time he lost me, I just somehow knew where he went, he had lost me around a turn and was a good 70 yards infront of me, I turned and decided where to go from there, It was like instinct , like i could sense him somehow, spiritually or psychically i cannot say, he was parked behind some trees in a circular bay when i found him, he stared in amazement, for he knew he had lost me and I had found him within seconds, suddenly my confidence in my driving was multiplied 1000 fold and I felt a part of the car, like I was controlling not only with my body but with my mind, the speed, motion and capabilities of the car, I had decided to go home then, for some reason, I felt like being alone, so Lou left me and joined Jessie and Donny, I headed home and did some cleaning up, then turned on the VCR and played "Akira" my all time favourite movie, but my thoughts were elsewhere, I got to thinking that I was staring into chaos, thats when the walls began to bend, the ceiling tried to envelop me and i was fixated, staring at one singular point on my fireplace, staring into chaos, it enveloped me and for some reason I was absolutely calm, everything became clear, we, Human beings are so hung up on forwarding our own goals that we do not take the time to help the less fortunate, I beleived that this thought, this idea, this reality i was thinking of was the cause of what I was seeing, I then began to dwell on the conciousness, was the mind really just a parasite attached to the human form and sprit, were we all just waiting for the parasite to suck every ounce of strength out of our bodies and die, to release our trapped soul? Or perhaps the visions of chaos i was seeing were actually what everything naturally looks like, and this parasite had the human body and spirit drugged, and when we ingest psilocybe or other such halucinogens found in mushrooms we poison the parasite (mind) and are actually awakening from this drugged state.
This was where it became too much for me to bear and I headed up to my bedroom to lie down and trip out over one of those "Magic Eye" things, but somewhere deep inside my conciousness I KNEW I had stumbled upon the mystery of all life.

(Thanks for reading my most intense trip to date)
[If you got this far that is] *-*Critical_MASS*-*

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