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Magic Mushrooms Zamnesia
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I have done shrooms many times before, but none like this one.

I have done shrooms many times before, but none like this one. We got a half quarter and split it between four of us, we thought we would get a good high,have alittle fun and call it a night . Yeah right.

About twenty minutes later all four of us were fucked, the walls were breathing , the trails and the brightness of colours were unbeleivable. Two of my friends were lying on the floor drooling, we didn't know what time it was even though the time was on the clock. We tried going outside and made it as far as the driveway and had to turn back.

Every time I moved my hand the trails were the size of my head and they were soooooo bright. I kept putting on more clothes because I felt naked even though I was fully dressed. All four of us felt like we were wet, and our noses were running even though we weren't. My boyfriend thought he was a bear all night, and my other friend said he was watching us from the cieling. Over all it was the most intense shroom trip I have ever been on, since then none have even come close.

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