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During the summer, 3 of my friends and myself took a 3 hour road trip to Cedar Point.

During the summer, 3 of my friends and myself took a 3 hour road trip to Cedar Point. Once we were an hour away from the park, we stopped at Subway to get something to eat, and thats when we decided to take our shrooms. Only myself and another took the shrooms, so one could drive, and the other just got stoned off his ass. Exactly 45 minutes after we took the shrooms, i started to get a body buzz, i turned to my friend, and asked him how he was doing (it was his first time tripping), and he told me he had this unexplainable feeling going through his body, thats when i knew, we entered the shroom zone.... Once we got into the park, i was getting pretty tripped out. All the people that we passed seemed to look exactly like members of my family. I started to think i was out of place, and actually at a family reunion. I went to the restroom to wash my face because of the heat, and thats where the mirrors started to move, and colorful swirls swarmed the mirror. After that, we headed to get in line for our first ride. By the time we got onto the first ride, the MILLENIUM, it was already 2 1/2 hours after taking the shrooms, and i was at the peak of my trip, At that point, the coaster hit its drop, and my life flashed before my eyes. I was able to see my entire life, all the good and bad things i've done in perfect clearity. After the ride, we headed towards, i dont even know where we were going, but i remember seeing overgrown huge mushrooms just in the middle of the park. I was in shock, we then went on the Mantis, where it almost seemed to rejuvinate the trip. I could honestly say that this was the craziest day of my life!

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