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Caves, the ocean, the body and the mind

Last summer I went camping with my boyfriends family.

Last summer I went camping with my boyfriends family. We went to hornby island (British Columbia). We had planned to do shrooms before going on the trip, but decided that saving them for the trip was a better idea. So my boyfriend and his cousin (really close family friend) and I ate them oh lets say just before 1130 in the morning. We packed up our things (lots of water) and a few fruit leathers and a huge bag of candy, and headed out of the campsite towards the beach. It was ... hmm maybe a 15 minute walk and we were half way across the beach to the peninsula we had decided we were going to walk down. It was a beautiful summer day, and the sun reflected off the ocean and off the sand. I began to giggle when I looked down and the sand was waving, almost dancing to the rhythm of the waves crashing beside me. Once we left the sand and got to the beginning of the peninsula we were eager to start our journey. A little of the way down, and we had become mountain climbers from mars. The rock forms that cover that one peninsula are enough to blow a persons mind sober. On mushrooms, it was such an indescribable, amazing thing.. to be venturing on mars. Some rocks were so smooth and long that they looked like sand, others had enormous holes, there was even a part that looked just like stairs of a mansion. It was amazing. After a while of walking and being memorized by the rocks, I take a look to my left and realize that there are caves beside us! The adventurer that I am decides to climb up on some rocks, over this tree, and across to a cave. I felt as if I had become one with the earth, laying there in that cave, with people very special to me, staring at the ocean as sail boats past by. I will have that wonderful picture in my mind for the rest of my life. After a while we got down from the cave and started climbing over some really big rocks. It was so satisfying to go from one rock to another. When we first started to feel that we were coming down, I took a look at my watch.. it was 5 O'Clock!!! no way!! we had been out there forever... we must have walked so far.. that conversation alone took us 20 minutes to recover from the hilarious fit of laughter that we were consumed by. needless to say, this was my best and most recent mushroom trip of all time. and I encourage anyone who likes to adventure, and knows where hornby island is, to go there and party it up! HORNBY ROCKS!

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