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CAT Scan

It was my first time tripping on shrooms, and my friend and I split seven grams.

It was my first time tripping on shrooms, and my friend and I split seven grams. They tasted like peanuts or something like that. My friend and I drove to a friends house and there were like thirty of our friends there. Still not feeling the effects of the shrooms, I decided to take a few hits off the blunt that was being passed around. Then it finally hit me all the sudden. The room looked like a big bubble. I sat on the couch enjoying the trip still hitting the huge blunt. After twenty minutes or so I started feeling light-headed. I went in the kitchen to sit down, but there were no seats. I just leaned over the table and talked to my friends. Then my friend asked if I wanted to sit in his seat. I leaned up to walk over to the seat and lost my breath and fell backwards to the floor. Half-concious, my friends carried me to the bed room. Then I heard them say "She's bleeding." I had a three inch gash in the back of my head. One of my friends decided to call 911. Everyone in the house split except for a few of my friends. I was in and out of conciousness, and I thought I was going to die. Finally, the EMT's arrived and took me to the hospital all the while I am tripping balls. In the emergency room, they put eleven staples in my head and rushed me to the CAT Scan. Inside the CAT scan was the freakiest part of the whole night. I thought I was hovering in the air and floating back and forth. Anyways, nobody in the hospital knew I was on drugs. They didn't even take blood. After I got out of the emergency room, my friends were there to take me back to my place. A week later, I got the staples out of my head, but unfortunatly, I have a constant reminder of that night in a three inch scar on my head.

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