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Friday, September 4, 1998, 3 Friends and i split an ounce that i grew (thanks to pf tek) and ate it.

Friday, September 4, 1998, 3 Friends and i split an
ounce that i grew (thanks to pf tek) and ate it.
(cubensis) everyone pretty much had the same
dose... This was at 7 oclock pm. We were chilling in
my friends apartment in the blacklight room, and it
didnt take more than 20 minutes for us to start to
feel the effects... everything was completely wild. I
had a plaid shirt on, and everytime i looked down, i
got engulfed in it and couldnt stop staring at it, at
this point, my friends noticed how cool my shirt was
and made me go outside and stand next to the
plastic siding on the house where i blended in,
almost like a chameleon, they stared at me for 15
minutes probably and thought that iwas just a
floating head...Previously we had bought a 12 pack
of sprite to share, and we each had a can... i made
the observation that it looked like we were in a
sprite commercial because we all were holding cans..
this alarmed me, the green for some reason on the
can made me scared, so i smashed the can against
the wall.. this was around 7:45 or 8 oclock.. we laid
down on the hood of my car, and the car next to
mine, and stared at the power lines because our
depth perception against the sky was completely
whacked out... We decided to go back inside and
chill in the blacklight room... at around 8:30 the rest
of the party arrived... 50 people or so.. by that time
we were well on our way,. one of my fellow shroom
heads and i were stuck in chairs, we couldnt get
up... we wound up sitting down in the same chairs
staring at eachother for about 2 hours., not staring
at eachother the whole time, but as the other
people walked through the room and stared at us,
knowing that we were shrooming, and they weren't,
we had to keep looking back at eachother because
we were the only two that could actually understand
how it was to be shrooming at that point.,. around
10 oclock, word spread somehow that i was the one
that grew the mushrooms, so at that point about a
zillion people asked me how i did it and if i could hook
them up. what did they expect me to say? i had just
dosed on a quarter ounce./.i pretty much ignored all
of them for the most part, and eventually they
realized that i wasnt going to be any help until the
next morning..,. they left me be luckily., my other
friend that was sitting in the room with me wanted a
sprite, and so did i, actually, we had tried to get
sprites a few hours earlier, but we forgot how to get
to the room that they were in, and we had just
remembered what our quest was., so we FINALLY
stood up, and got out of the screwy room that we
were glued into the chairs and went to the fridge to
get our sprites, BUT SOMEONE GANKED THEM@#?!~@?!~ man, we were pissed, we tried to raise some hell but what we were saying wasnt coming out in english so everyone just laughed at us. oh well, we went to the blacklight room again
and looked at the posters., my trip really started to
intensify now... i couldnt even speak normal
english... i went into the bathroom (which is WALL
TO WALL in porn, we had previously plastered all
four walls with tits and twat) and unzipped and
started to pee... when i was done i just stood there,
amazed that there could be so much porn in one
room, i stood there with my dick hanging out, just
looking at twat for about 20 minutes.. then i
snapped out of it and decided that other people
needed to use the bathroom too.. so i went to go sit
in the hallway... i had lost all my other shrooming
friends in the mass of people... i started to feel lost
because everyone else was normal and i wasnt. i sat
down in the hallway chair and completely lost sense
of reality. i thought i was just a conscious.It felt like i was floating above everybody else, looking down at them and my body, but since i wasnt in my body, i couldnt respond to the people that were trying to talk to me... i had no
real body, and all i could do was think about life, and
the meaning of it. At one point, i actually found it,
and still sort of know what it is, although i can't
convey it in words. People kept staring at me and
saying "HEY!?@~! YOU CAN'T LET HIM DRIVE HOME>!?~@" "LET ME TAKE HIS KEYS?!@" "GREG,ARE YOU ALIVE!? HELLO!?@ HOW ARE YOU FEELING".i couldnt respond to any of them. this is when my
trip took a turn for the worst, i started to feel like i
was in a cartoon, i couldnt perceive reality. i
thought i was dreaming., i thought the only thing i
could do to end it was kill myself,. luckily i chose not
too.at around 12 oclock, people started to leave the
apartment, and things started to mellow out.. i
started to feel more relaxed, although i was still
trippin ballz., i had found my other three friends and
they had started to come down... i dont know why i
hadnt., we all piled into my car, and i was going to
drive, but luckily the other guys realized i wasnt in
the condition to do this, and they made me get out
and into the back seat, so my one friend drove and
we went back to his place where we could chill for
the rest of the night,. but when they got out of the
car to go in, i just curled up in a ball in the backseat
and layed there, not wanting to move., after about
20 minutes of laying there, andmy friends being
inside, one of them came back out to see what i was
doing,. i thought i was in a cage and couldnt get out
because i coudlnt fully extend my body in my car. he
pulled me out, and into the house,. his house was air conditioned, it felt so fucking great because i had
been sweating profusely all night long. as i sat on
the couch, i just all of the sudden snapped out of it.
it was the weirdest feeling, one minute i was tripping, the next i was chill and had control of all of
my physical functions... this was about 12:30., so
then dazed and confused came on, we watched it,
and eventually fell asleep around 2,.
well, its 8 oclock the next morning, and i feel
completely good to go., one of my other friends and
i decided that we were gonna lay off the shrooms for
a while because we had both wigged out during our
trips,. don't get me wrong, i'll trip again, but im
gonna wait a little while., at least a month or so.,
all in all, despite the insanity towards the end, i
thought it was a fairly excellant trip. What a mind
boggling experience,.

peace out.

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