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Canyon Infinity

hey pplz im Tom and the other weekend i experienced the most *Unreal* Psychadelic Xperience with my best mate Chris.

hey pplz im Tom and the other weekend i experienced the most *Unreal* Psychadelic Xperience with my best mate Chris.
A cool Holiday destination was reccommended to us, we were told a cool place to chill out and catch up with the natural side of things was a Mountain range called the grampians and this was about a days drive from where we live, Melbourne In Victoria, Australia .
So me and Chris were totally stuffd after the terms work, we were truly lookin forward to campin like the old dayz.
We packed the boot chokka-blokk with Marshmellows, chips, twinkies, steak, BBQ stuff and any other wikked Gourmet foods we had lyin around,
seein as my mate here is a bit of a tripper, he took about 10 grams M, and about a level 4 dose of mushies for him and myself. Id actually never done any drug cept marijuana b4.
We had already booked a cabin near the base of the mountains, and the day was beautiful, you know, one or two white fluffy clouds but sunny and clear blue.

after unpacking, we went Xploring and found out it was a truly awesome camping ground, next to a little creek with fresh water, and a BBQ and everything we would ever need here.
After a good night's sleep, went for a little walk, and had a hearty breakfast of Vita Brits, frit etc.
The air was so crisp and fresh, and the water was clear and we were so far from civilisation/reality already.
My mate reccomended we do the shrooms now, and it would be the perfect trip and then go for a walk.
i grudgingly agreed, i was a bit afraid it might be a bit too intense, and he sed it wouldnt a he told me itd be cool so i trusted him being the friend he had been in the past.
We packed a bag with all the stuff we thought we'd need for the trek, nuts, apricots, chocolate, corn chips, mushies. We headed to the start of the walk, there were a lot of walks, we eventually decided to go to Menzie's canyon.
he took them out of the plastic bag and they looked a bit like dark brown apricots, they tasted ok, bit wierd like salt and coffee, bit discusting - euch!
Start walking, half an hour, everything seems normal.
The air seemed to get thicker and as we were getting higher the air smelt like that earthern smell, im sure you all know what im talkin about.
i became aware of the sudden natural instinct, i guess i can only describe this as horny, i wanted to undress and go and blend in with nature, like sit in a tree like an animal would do.
i asked Chris if he felt the same, i could see by the reactional look in his face that i had increased anxiety. I was walking all unco, and i found this rather amusing, then this amplified, then this giggle amplified and turned into a laugh, and then it intensifyed and i had to sit down and laugh, i was rolling around in the dirt and bushes laughing my ass off. "This is so cool!" there was nobody here, just us. Chris didnt want to obstruct my fun, so he just grinned and perched down on a rock and started to eat some food. I remember seeing this bird on a tree, the tiny breeze making it hover up and down. This looked supernatural and i felt for the first time the power of nature, and just as i was becoming aware of the massive power of this bird, it suddenly took off and flew off the branch, leaving spectacular trails of colour and i watched it fly off into a dot in the distance. Nature was really grwing on me, i wanted to get 'Back to Nature'.
I put my ear to the ground and started talking to the ground, i was communicating with the earth, it was teling me the stories of what had come and gone,how it had become to be there, and all about its origins.
The sunlight was HEAVENLY, i wanted so much to bask in it, so i went over a little bit to this warm ruck and ran off into a trance.
The sun was giving off all different colourslike in anemission spectrum, or on a CD, everywhere, it was a sea of distorted colours, i closed my eyes and i could see what i was hearing, perhaps a bird, trickling of a creek, all these sounds would morph into totally unrealistic sounds and i could picture something making them and open my eyes and it would be there.
"ITS TIME TO GO 0 o " Chris's voice echoes and it toataly tripped me out and i was all unco. I knew we had a mission to get to the 'Pinnacle' or the top of this peak.
This walk was so beautiful, i was essentuated by every intake of every thing that happend with happiness and infinate joy, i couldnt stop smiling.
we Descended, we were going down and i thought this was wrong- arent we supposed to be going to the top? i laughed this off and followed Chris.
The canyon was there, we were walking through this deep gorge, as i descended, it looked like a vortex, the walls of this canyon were swirling with rock patterns, white, brown, red, orange, yellowy colours seemed to bathe in the warmth of each other, i was amazed and got the idea that the earth was trying to hurry me up to the pinnacle, and this was meerley a sight of appreciation from the earth to me for going to the pinnacle.. (i dont know why?)

I became all sweaty and Chris and me got talking about how it was and this was a great trip so far, i could hardly make out his voice he sounded like a robot and i had my mouthful of cashew nuts and dried fruit.
i eventually stopped and stared from the top of the mountain " we've made it' Chris said, adding toi the anxiety of knowing we had to accomplish this and like it was a serious matter. "i know, im really glad we could make it" or something came out of my mouth.
The last minutes were felt of Pride and joy from coming up here. I enjoyed the warm loving rays of sunshine, the relaxing trickle of water, the dampness of the humid soil and the beautiful colours that seemed to dance in the sunlight. as far as i could see, the clouds looked like boiling fields of water in the sky,being heated by the sun, and i lied down and had a rest on a bench made out of a tree trunk and it was BLISS.
The next 20 minutes were spent talking about problems at home, like my girlfriend and work, i really felt like i was throwing away the bad vibes from my body and letting the beautiful peace and warmth of nature intome. i was totally refreshed.
We had an ureal feast of salads, peanuts, marshmellows and hash cookies that evening, and i woke up TOTALLY WELL. My eyes felt so fresh and clean and i stretched and felt so good and i was ready to have a lovely drive back home and see all my family that i love so much.

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