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CandyHippieFlip This is kind of long.


This is kind of long.

I arrived at the world electronic music festivle alone with nothing but my ticket, a tent, a blanket, and 300 dollars. And i was oh so eager to get started.
about and hour after i arrived i was approached by some guys
from another countrey asking how much hits and mdma sold from around hear. I told them and shortly i was being hooked up by them with a ten strip of exceptional whit clinical and one pressed pill of very good mdma. I met up with some people i knew which was cool because wemf was quite a ways away this year, and i was alone. I set up my tent with them and before long a goa heaf approached me selling mushrooms and some very exquisite glass bongs and chillums from B.C. The mushrooms were in the form of a pressed chocolate coin approximatley three inches in diameter with a sun rune on the front. The was 3.5 grams in there of amazonian cubensis. a yummy treat.
So to kick it off i ate half the coin. And picked up a cap of mdma of a buddy and railed the whole thing. About 20 mins later i ate 3 hits of acid. For some reason the trip took a long time to really get rolling. I felt the mdma first, gentle waves of energy, body tingles, and euphoria were beggining to set in. I felt like i was in the zone. I was so happy and carefree. I wandered around meeting new people, talking about music, checked out the area, all the different tents. Everything was intriguing, conversation was insanley fun. Then i could feel the gentle push of the mushrooms mixing with the mdma, the sky began to look like a wet oil painting (van goh's style of brush strokes). The sunset was on of the most beautiful things i've ever seen, morphing and blending hues of orange purple blues yellows and reds swirled all over the canvas that was the sky. The grass looked like millions appon millions of grey green metalik spikes. I sat in my tent for a while and watched east indian as well as aztec and mayan designs dance all over the surface of the tent, these designs were always semi transparent. I closed my eyes and listened to some acid techno for a while, only to be greeted by a vision of a stone buddha with glowing blue energy flowing out of its eyes like smoke or vapour. It was holding a joint in one of it's hands. A strange amuasing and cool image. With some underlying meaning to boot. The music was getting started and the acid was coming on. Heavily layered tracers flew off everything and patterning of light and shadows was apparent everywhere, persistance of vision was insane. Tracers would last for near a full 4 seconds. I smoked a bowl with a friend and headed out to check out the music. I stayed in the techno tent for a while. completley absorbed by the music. The tweaky sounds and claps on the huge speakers talked to me, it was like a whole other language. In my opinion techno is 1% laid down and leaves 99% of the sound up to your own mind. and i was hearing it at 300%.
I danced all night, i was in heaven, i was in a moving trance and was seeing myself dance from a point of veiw somwhere about 20 feet away from where i was and a bit higher up, it was like my body was a puppet, and i was the puppetmaster. A strange feeling. Eventually i made it to the Goa/Psytrance tent. That's when i boosted with 5 more hits. I stayed there pretty much the rest of the night.
Things started to get really insane around 3 in the morning. When i peaked.
The organik crunchy kaliadascope of the psytrance on a massive sound system was doing its job. I started to get really deep into it, i was seeing entities in the tent, among the dancing people in the flashing lights, 3 mantis like beings, as well and a floating light energy thing above them (don't really know how to describe it), and all around my there were these glowing floating jellyfish. Now by far this is the most entiy contact i've ever had, i was awed, amazed, and scared shitless. The sense of pressance in the tent was HUGE. I didn't sense any negative energy but i was a little rattled so i just left and checked out some techno for a while to chill out. I found my way back, no less high, and started getting into it again. Dancing with shamanic extasy i felt my legs grow into the earth it felt as if i was bonding with the planet. I didn't stop moving all night, my body ceased to exist, then i spent about 20 minits switching bodies with other people in the tent i was them for a few brief moments, doing what they were doing, thinking what they were thinking, but aware i did not belong there. Intense. There is alot of meaning behind this trip, and though it's not really new information. I took it to mean that the who why and how of what we are is consiousness. It is the reason we exsist, it is what were are, and without consiousness there would be nothing, everything exists beacause of it, and IS it. Were are all the same stuff, same with me and you and the trees and everything.
I found these insights to be reassuring and satisfying. One of my favorite journeys to date.

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