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Candle Light

To all those people who think they have reached a level five trip with 3.

To all those people who think they have reached a level five trip with 3.5grams of mushrooms have not acheived it. You may think it was so crazy it could be considered to be a level five trip but trust me you can take it much further.I have tripped many times on 4,6,7, and 9.5 grams of mushrooms because I wanted to venture as far as I could into my mind. The trip report I am writing is for a time on 7 grams of mushrooms. IT wasn't my craziest trip , but it can be considered level four or a low five

Setting: It was a saturday night at my house. Three of us, Jay , Nathan(me), and Brian. About midnight


I was planning on having my friend Megan over to do mushrooms with, but all you guys know how bitches screw us men over. And I got screwed. When I thought my night was wasted I got a call from my shroom buddy Jay. Jay said he and Brian had nowhere to go to do their mushrooms so I thought "what the hell I'll let them do them here" so they came over. I was going to save my mush for when me and Megan did them but I knew in my mind that she would screw me over again. SO I ate my half (4) and her half (3) in about a minute. I was especially tired so I went on the couch and drifted into a little nap. In my sleep I drifted so far off in my reality that I was no longer a living person but rather a being inside a mind. I walked around in my mind looking at all the important things in my life at the time. I ventured further in , I was in touch with my feelings and then reached my depression and was in a black hole. I looked up and saw a light. I heard a voice yell "nathan" "nathan"..... and opened my eyes it was Jay. And I explained to him that he pulled me back from reality

I told them that I wanted to enter an even deeper meditation state. So I told them not to talk to me as I hid under a colourful blanket and closed my eyes and opened my mind. I left my subconcious and created characters in my mind. I passed a point where I wasn't watching the characters I was living their lives, through years and centuries. I saw the world after the humans died, and I painted it black. Then planted enough trees for a fresh start. And made sure no human would ever fuck up the world like they did previously.

I woke up. Brian and Jay wanted to go for a walk. I said I would stay in the house. They started walking and I got scared in the house alone. So I grabbed music, and I opened the door and ran after them , the faster I ran the more the world blurred, trees blurred past me , colours faded with eachother, the wind was like a symphony orchestra to my ears. I caught up with them. And we walked to the park. The sand transformed into faces, I didn't want to hurt anyone so I watched where I stepped. As I looked up the sky was a deep purpled. it look like someone got watercolour paint an dripped it allover the sky. Everything was bleeding, the trees were bleeding, the houses were bleeding. WE eventually walked back to my house.

My house was lit by candlelight only , and the shadows shifter into objects on the wall. The light from the candles blurred with the surrounding walls and floor. The flicker of the cnadles were like dancing to the music. I would walk through darkness into the light area and I would get a rush of enlightenment and power. The smell of the vanillla candle was overwhelming and I had to calm myself becuase of the intense pleasure that was gained from a simple smell.I sat by candlelight and drew pictures. I drew feelings of "angel, cause, life, and death". Then we watched a movie into the morning.

Overall the experiance lasted from about 12-7 in the morning, and after effects lasted the rest of the day (the numbing zombie mode where the feeling of my face isn't quite back yet) It was a good experiance and I was very glad I didn't wait for that girl to do them with me. And I realized that girls come and go, but true friends can last a long time.

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