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cambodian mushroom trip

i was just chilling with my friends and they came over to trip on mushrooms.

i was just chilling with my friends and they came over to trip on mushrooms.
the mushrooms were Cambodian mushrooms. i grew them from home and tried them before any of my friends did they hallucinations were really trippy.

so me and my 3 friends Jesse and Cris were very excited about trying the mushrooms that i grew. we all ate about 3 heads each and about 20 to 30 minutes later it started to kick in. at first i went to the window and saw nothing but colors mostly red,green and purple i blinked and all of a sudden i felt like i was falling threw the floor. it to my own little world. i knew by that time that i was entering the realms of the spirit world. i saw my self floating through space and seeing all of the planets i landed on each of them.

then all of a sudden i was back at the window with colors every were Cris came up to me and said that my face started to melt of into a white blob on the floor he started to freak out i tried to calm him down and he turned into a alien that was all green with orange eyes. he handed me a red paper and said that the spirit world is great. he also told me that planet earth is not a human world with spirits in it but a spirit world with humans in it i went back to my bedroom my bed turned into a a huge water fountain and green and blue water was coming out of it i took a cup and tried to drink the water which i felt like peace after drinking it. Jesse was playing a game on the xbox 360 which was quake 4 i felt as if i was in the game and and were killing the demons. i looked at Cris and i could see his bones glowing a violent color finally after about 4 hours of tripping i came out of the spirit world and started to realize the normal sense of reality. the colors started to fade away.
i will always remember my best trip ever with My Cambodian magic mushrooms.

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