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Cabbage Run

It was a sunny day and the mushroom grazing in the park became unneccessary as we had our fill.

It was a sunny day and the mushroom grazing in the park became unneccessary as we had our fill. Personaly I ate 65 fresh mushrooms and I was out of my tree!! I had taken LSD before but this was the wildest trip of my life!! We sat in a nearby field chatting for an hour or so befor deciding to go to my friends house. We took a shortcut through some farmland where lettuce and cabbage grow, when we reached the exit to the main road I turned to close the gate behind us and noticed the cabagges wanted to come with us. They had all formed a queue at the gate and were jumping up and down with excitement, I told my mate and he couldnt see it. It was blantant to me though! and that was just the beginning. Eventually I managed to shut the gate and the cabbages remained in the field although they were getting angry so it was good we were going. On the way, both of us saw the cars 'walking' up the road, literally with one wheel beeing placed before the other, and all the cars followed suit, it was hilarious. Luckily it was getting dark and we were almost home. The outside was becoming too sureal! the trip continued to freak us out indoors though and my mates stripey carpet didnt help much coz everytime I stood up the stripes stood up too and I had to fight my way through them to get to the other side of the room!!! My friend was sitting on the toilet and we could hear him talking so we rushed to the loo. behind the door he was telling something to shut up, when we asked him what was going on he said there was 20 or so mini soldiers giving him orders and they were the size of matchsticks. Of course we never saw them but it was probably the funniest of thing of the trip. I still PMSL when I think of it! Looking forward to the next madness.

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