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Burning cities

We had been out camping for the past day and a half when we pulled out the magical caps.

We had been out camping for the past day and a half when we pulled out the magical caps. I know the guy who grows them, so they were still relatively strong, and I took 6 1/2 grams. We set up a tarp waiting for the shrooms to kick in and trying to avoid the gentle rain falling. About 20 minutes after eating the last cap, I started to feel em. I sat down underneath the tarp looking at the surrounding forest. The trees swayed softly in the wind and I could feel the gentle rain against my face. The campfire we had going really caught my eye, so I took a seat next to it. I starred at the coals for a good while. That's when it really got me. I was starring at a little city back in the coals. Little men were walking all over and yelling something. I then realized this mod was carrying a man on their shoulders and the man did not look happy. They tied him to a stick and begun to throws these fure balls at him, trying to kill him. The man screamed in agony and I felt so helpless as I watched this man burn to death. I still could not figure out why they were burning this man. I continued to watch as the mob burned down this man and cheered. I felt sorrow for the burning man. Then an army of troops carrying lances, swords and shields raided the city as the mob tried to fight back. Blood was shed, and the mob was quickly overtaken. The blood soaked troops threw the bodies into a pile and lit it on fire as the wounded, dead, and still living people of the mob burned to death. I didn't feel as bad then, I felt more like justice had been served. One man arose from the army and pointed at me. The troops began a charge out of this Fire-city and disappeared as the raindrops falling out of the sky killed the army quickly. I then snapped back and realized I was sweating sitting so close to the fire. My friends I was camping with were laughing hard as they told me about how I was crying, then cheering and then sweating like a pig. I just looked at them and smiled and said "You missed the entire battle."

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