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Bum trip man


Ok. the first time i have tried shrooms, a friend got me involved in them. he taugh me how to pick them. i went out on my own (not a good thing to do for inexperienced hunters)and i could only find 4 or 5. well, i wasnt sure about it so i took them to school the next day to show my friend kenny. He told me they were allright so in (1st period) Gym i ate 2 of them. 3.5" caps both of them. well it didnt do much but give me a slight wierd feeling. lights looked..how do i explain.."slower" and when i would look at a light and look away i would see the light on the floor and it would shrivel up into a ball and disappear. wow awesome trip man! no. the next time i ate 4 small caps (bout an inch) and 2 or 3 spores. this gave me a level 1 effect. i thought this was so freakin cool, so i decided to continue down the patch of shrooming. The next time, about 3 days before we moved to another state. my friends mom bought a pizza and gave it to us (my parents werent home) so i was home alone. yes. perfect time. i took one slice of pizza took the cheese off and put 3 really huge caps (about 5.5" really wet) and i took 2 or 3 smaller ones, and then i just dumped the whole bag out thinkng it was going to be the same kind of trip. BOY DID I GET A SUPRISE!!

i ate the pizza greedily and then i sat on the couch to watch TV. (i ate it at 4:35pm) after i got home from school.
"man i ate this stuff and it didnt do anything. this sucks!" Ironically, my aunt who is a cop came in to visit my parents. (they werent there yet) just as we were talking i started to feel it coming on...first i felt kind of dizzy..and i had a hard time with coordination. i finally convinced her i didnt know when my parents were coming home, and she left.

in one word to describe the coming up: "KABOOM"

wow. i started to feel jiggly i felt like my body was water...and all liquid...(no hallucinatiosn yet)

BTW, it was 3 hours before it even started to kick in) its 9pm now and i was starting to see everything in waves...the designs on the ceiling were spinning violently...the tiles on the floor were like looking through frozen, breaking water. (i know it doesnt make much sense, but this is the only way i know how to describe it) the diesgns on the wall were going crazy! i mean spinning around and waving and making "beep" and "fuzzhithere" noises.= i looked in the mirror and there was NO absolutley NO whatsoever color left in my eyes. (no blue) just my pupils..i said "wow man this is awesome.." as i stared in the mirror the mirror stared back at me. and it began to move in really far out ways totally undescribable. so i left the bathroom and (barely able to walk i was so dizzy) went to my bedroom and sat on my couch/bed. i stared into my open closet and the shadows of my coats/jeans/shirts started to make appearances as if they were human shadows..they had eyes and a mouth..and they began to dance around in circles and spin around like a sundial advancing in time.

i realized that i wasnt me anymore...i was (everything)
i moved in liquidy ways, i walked like the hallucinations...
i couldnt talk because i couldnt move my tongue..bummer! i stared at the neon light fixture in my room and it began to glow (not just white) but all the colors of the rainbow and more. it started to move across my ceiling. an ocean of colors. my brain was dead. i couldnt control my thoughts anymore. my imagination ran away with me and kept going faster and faster. its 11:30pm now i turn on my radio on 98.9 The Rock. they were playing some Tom Petty song..the music danced in my ears, and the music was me. i was sound waves now. now i could move in radio transmissions. i started to (literally stand up) and float around my room. i felt lost. i didnt know where i was. i couldnt close my eyes one minute, and then i couldnt open them. finally it was unbearable. it was like i was at the heighth of everything. the feeling was so great, and had such a hold on my i couldnt stand it anymore. seconds went by like days. i couldnt tolerate it anymore so i shut off the radio. (i like to draw when im high) so i grabbed a pen and my druggie art book, and tried to draw a picture of someone. gene simmons (from KISS) i think. but when i drew a line, the line added another line onto it itself! when i looked at it it was so fuzzy i couldnt see. (oh crap) my parents are home. i turned off the light (BIG MISTAKE) and tried to act asleep. my parents looked in and saw that i was 'asleep' so they went and watched tv, ect. witht he lights off i could se even more than before. i saw blue diamonds, white stars, and the whole galaxy in the pale violet midnight sky out the window. i started to get scared. i got up and turned the light on.

man. i was very freaked out so i called up a Kenny and i said "hey kennyy thisis is (me) man." hes said "are you trippin man?" "yeah man im totally blown out of my mind man...." (something in that context) we talked, he had to go buy some green and left me. (some friend!) i finally collapsed on my couch/bed and started crying uncontrollibly. i couldnt see, all i could see was the colors.

endless colors. finally after what seemed like hours i calmed down. and *CLICK* just like that i was almost totally normal. still the wierd feeling but the hallucinations were gone. i got up and went to the living room and got another slice of pizza. i went outside and sat in the moving truck and called up kenny again. we talked. he had to go so i called another friend, and i told him about it and he was like "!!!" he was shocked.

1. When you eat shrooms, one happy dose is enough. dont eat 5 or 6 liberty caps, and say man this hasnt kicked in its not going to work and thene at more. it WILL kick in trust me.

2.first timers never trip alone. very dangerous. (same as with acid)

3.you cant sleep high on shrooms or a few hours after, so plan your trip accordingly.

4.dont trip in school kids. very obvios, way more obvious than pot. (pupil dialation) is the reason.

If anyone wants to hear about my acid trips (much more powerful) just meet me on the msg. board.

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