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bonnaroo bang

my buddies and I have tripped a couple times in the past but those past trips combined could not be compared to the night we each ate an 1/8th of these rock hard shrooms from bonnaroo.

my buddies and I have tripped a couple times in the past but those past trips combined could not be compared to the night we each ate an 1/8th of these rock hard shrooms from bonnaroo. Incase you dont know what bonnaroo is, its a concert in the middle of a huge field with any drug available, when bands play all day and all night. I have never gone but that night i got a taste of what i was missing out on. we ate the shrooms at around 10:30 at this girls house we where just hangin out at. me and 3 other kids ate an 1/8th to ourselves expecting to trip like before, nothin special. we all ate them at the same time and we all had our own cars. the plan was to eat them, wait about 30 minutes and head back to my buddies house for a night full of fun. after about 20 minutes of eating them, i was seduced by the girl whose house we where at and we went into the bathroom. after alittle this and that i simply looked at this skiing picture and it hit me. it was already starting to transform my mind in and out of reality. i paniced and walked out of the bathroom because in about 10 minutes i would be knocked on my ass. i found my buddies and told them what happened but they where finem again this was only about 20 minutes after we ate them. i thought i was the only one with something wrong with me. so i left and told them i would meet them by his house becuase i didnt want to be driving coming into my trip. not even 5 minutes of driving time it hit me. i looked down at my guages, my speedometer, and all lights in my car. i felt like i was in a space ship that only i coul fly. street lights where my run way untill i reached my point of destination. i tured my car off and i could feel everything around me, NOT see, but feel everything warping and changing like it has been hiding its true self forever. before i could get a grip my friend pulled up and i thought i was gonna be safe. i jumped in his car and he was just as bad as i was. everything, the foreground, background, middleground, landscape, interior, exterior was moving and warping. i looked at him and his face seemed to be just a pallet of flesh with 2 eyes that where universes in them selves. we both paniced and got everyone to make it to his house. heres the catch. his parents where home and he had to talk to them when he got home like he does every night. we ran down stairs thinking we where safe and sound inside of a shelter. little did we know we only ate them 30 min ago and already i was trippin beyond my minds capacity. my friend came down and everything turned out ok with his parents so we turned on the tv. a jet-lee kung foo movie was on and we all just sank our jaw. the walls, floor, couch, swirling wall paper, swirling pillows where everywhere. i couldnt escape the visuals and tryed to calm down, but everytime i did it made it worse. the shrooms where already inside me. i looked into the mirror and could not even look at my own eyes because they scared me. i had an idea to try and puke to help me come down. they hit us so hard and fast none of us could get a grip. my friend couldnt stop walking around in circles and thats when i finally got my self to puke thinking it would all be ok and it would go away. i was wrong. it still hit me just as hard as everyone else. i was fearing for my life from it being so intense. i thought my insides where jello and i thought i was slowly dieing. my friend began to asked me " do i have to puke" " do i have to do that" he thought since everyone else was puking it was normal and something was wrong with him so he started to think he was going to die (can you see the chain reaction) lol after an hour of the puking we calmed down and all sat on the couch. everyone was ok so i walked into his bed room except it wasnt his room it couldnt be. invisible streams of energy hung from the cieling and his poster across his cieling was water. it was a cave of hidden secrets. a room the size of a jail cell can keep you occupied for hours of exploration. the invisible energy streams where hanging down and tingling my face. i left and joined the others. i looked down and forgot i had hands and thought it was the coolest thing ever because i could use my brain to think and move my finger 3 feet away. my friend took a card from the deck and stuck it in his mouth. the card was one with his mouth like in the first matrix movie when neo's mouth turns to goo in that office with mr. anderson. no one could look at each other because their eyes would just warp and appear to be constantly spinning.hours of this continued and we all wondered when this would end. electricity world was next. something hit the remote and turned it to the settings on the TV. they were moving by there self and i thought i could control electriclty with my mind and direct it anywhere. you could feel the energy off anything, a rock, a pop can, the couch, urself. everything was going at 300 MPH, and inside of our heads where blups of jibberish. we talked about harnessing this power into something contain able called a zorb. a zorb is a ball of energy with the same powers of shrooms inside of it that could sit in the palm of your hand. i saw myself as 3rd person as if i could leave my body and look at myself still being inside my body at the same time. my mind was a pile of goo and after everything settled down we tryed to fall asleep... but no one could. the energy was keeping me awake till about 7 in the morning. if you ever hear of bonnaroo, or get a chance to experience it, i recommend it.

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