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My second mushroom trip and I'm still hooked.

My second mushroom trip and I'm still hooked. My first one, entitled, "Happiness Within," was so awesome that I dosed on a whole 1/8th this time. I also told myself that for this trip I would be more prepared, mentally and geographically, that is, I'd go somewhere where I could relax. My buddy Mike calls me up at 10:30 pm on Saturday, March 14th and asks me, "What do you want to do more than anything right now?" I replied, "SHROOM!" So he just told me to come over right away. 10 minutes later I was at his place. We divided up the shrooms so that we had equal amounts of caps and stems and at around 11:00 we munched, careful to note the time. With a big glass of orange juice I managed a whole 1/8th down and we both decided to join the rest of the people who also had shrooms. Lucky us, they ate theirs at 11:00 also. Well, the Cliffs at the beach were the destination for the night because our dorms feel like prisons and were certain to induce fucked up feelings. We brought our blankets and our buds and took a walk. Six of us tripping in all, about the time we reached the Cliffs, we were hallucinating, half way to peak. Trees moved and waved and I got this great feeling from walking alone. It's also great to be around friends...

I felt a naseaus feeling, but ignored it. We lay down on our blankets and started smoking a bit. I was more interested in tripping on the nature, but I still smoked. The other shroomers wouldn't stop talking no matter how much I begged them to "shut up, and look at something!" They wouldn't listen, so I crawled out into a field under the patchy moonlit sky and tripped hard for about 45 minutes. I found I could hallucinate and then let the hallucination take me _IN_. I actually went inside my view of the sky and came out somewhere else, completely new. My sense of body and mind were no longer. I was like an infant seeing everything new an glorious for the first time. I wiggled in pleasure and cringed in fear, each time accepting the emotions as part of _NATURE_. I heard my friends in the distance and broke out of my trance. I stumbled over to them and they got me to smoke more. Apparently they hadn't had an experience like me yet. After smoking they decided to walk around, but I didn't want to and I stopped Mike from joining them. I put my blanket down on the ground and we both lay down. It's about 1:30-2:00am now and the peak is coming on.

I told Mike to follow his visions and go _INSIDE_ the trip. He told me he was to scared. "Can I actually go inside it?" he asked. "I don't know if I can," Mike was worried. I assured him he would be ok...and soon I realized he had passed the line into his new world. I followed him. We became pure consciousness. We were just two minds travelling through a void, this life being a stop along the way. Everytime Mike and I saw each other, we knew that our consciousnesses met for a moment, and then left; they bumped into each other. I would turn into pure joy, then pure awe, then pure happiness, then contentment. My journey kept going. Mike was also doing the same thing.

Once in awhile I realized that we were just a couple of guys rolling around in the dirt squealing like children and twitching. This made me laugh so hard and Mike did too. This went on for an hour or so and we got up. We jumped around for the hell of it and touched the bushes. We agreed on the spot that we could be no more than 3 or 4 years old. We reverted BACK to childhood and innocence and nature. During my trip lying down, an entity came to me, but I could not see it. It told me, without words, that I was part of nature and that the human race could never forget it. We are so busy making ourselves individuals that we have forgotten how much we are just another race on another planet in the whole universe. I think Mike figured this out too. Walking back was fun...I met up with the other shroomers later. They were just sitting in a trippy room together. I was so overjoyed with my night that I just smiled. I knew I was coming down and tried to delay it. I started drawing, but it wasn't as amazing as when I tried it the first time I shroomed. We couldn't talk coherently and that ammused all of us. There were 6 shroomers in a room, all talking to each other, but nothing was really being said. Sometimes we actually talked with noises and grunts, like the Peanuts! It was a kick! At this point it was about 3:30, and I could STILL look at something and totally trip on its movements (even though it wasn't moving), but I could still KNOW what it was. Reality was slowly coming back. I had a hell of a time figuring out who was shrooming or not because even the sober people seemed to make no sense at all...that just CRACKED me up 3:45am and I think I just knew I needed to rest. I got into my car and drove the 1/2 mile home with trippy music on. I drove fine, but all the trees moved...no...DANCED, with the music! I parked and let the song finish, watching the trees. I went to my room...turned off my lights, organized my papers on my desk, made my bed, got into bed, and turned on the TV. THE SMURFS WERE ON! I loved it and finally slept...

My brain kept shrooming and philosophizing without supervision. I don't know if I was sleeping or if I was conscious...but my roomate said I tossed and turned all night. I don't care because I felt GREAT when I woke up. I bonded with my friend Mike like I've never bonded with another person before. We still agree that we tripped better than everyone else that night because of my idea to just "jump into the trip" and let it take you for a ride. I also bonded with nature like never before and am happier now for it. Of course every shroomer knows that a trip can never be recreated, either through words or pictures. Ideas come close, but nothing will match the real thing.


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