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blown away

I've been messing with cubies for a couple of months now and have tripped lightly 3 or 4 times, always on about a dried gram or two.

I've been messing with cubies for a couple of months now and have tripped lightly 3 or 4 times, always on about a dried gram or two. My experience of last night gaven me me new respect for the power of these guys. I wont't take them lightly again.

I had the house to myself for a change, just me and my four dogs. At about 7PM I took a couple of grams of dried mushies and tossed them in the blender with some orange juice. After a few seconds at high speed, I gulped them down, then put Dark Side of the Moon on the stereo. The mushrooms started to kick in about 15 minutes later and I became increasingly agitated and lost interest in the music. I could not focus on it and I found it distracting, so I grabbed a beer and headed out the door for a walk.

I spent the next two hours walking up and down a busy street near my house, tripping on the lights and fast cars. I wanted to buy a beer at the corner market, but I was afraid to cross the busy intersection. The traffic lights were so intensly beautiful that I could not figure out the pattern that made the cars move. Eventually I got thirsty and headed back home.

After greeting my dogs and grabbing a beer, I decided to extend my pleasant trip by munching a few more shrooms. I took a few stems and popped them in my mouth and slowly chewed, swallowed (not even caring about the taste), and them grabbed and ate a couple of caps. And then I packed several MORE full sized mushrooms in my cheek, kind of like a squirrel will carry nuts, then grabbed a couple of beers and headed out the door. I walked again for a bit, slowly chewing my stash, till I got tired and sat down on a bus stop bench to rest. And then the mushies really started to kick...

As I looked at the sidewalk in front of me, the spots of tar and gum began to change color and move. They came alive and started to slide towards me, all around me, things were responding to my presence and flowing to me, through me. At this point I knew I had to get back home quickly. I picked up my sack of beer and walked for what seemed an eternity and finally got home. I got as far as my mailbox and sat down next to the street, in the dark. And then I was gone.

There was no me. I was nothing and I was everything at the same time. Reality became angular. I can't think of the words to describe it. The universe became a like spider, all moving angles and arachnid patterns. At some point I rose to go into the house and my legs were not right. They were jointed and inflexible, brittle, and walking was difficult. When I got to the gate I could not open the latch, because I had grown too many fingers and I could not control them. I eventually got inside the house and immediately laid down on the sofa.

At this point things became so bizarre that there was no sequence to events. I grew more appendages and and could not stop moving them. I was outside of myself and could hear myself moaning, and I wondered at the sorrow in those moans, so lonely and lost. I became an octopus, and two of my arms were like the flippers of a seal. At some point I got up and walked/staggered/slithered to the bathroom and then I was old, and old man, I was grandpa, and I knew that I was mortal. All of these images were simultaneous and flowed together.

Then I sat up, I was in my bed. It was 4AM and I was becoming me again. The trip took another two hours to fade, during which time I drank beer and thought about the experience. It's going to be a while before I trip again, and when I do it will not be casually.


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