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Blood and guts

The night started out the same as it usually did for shroom tripping.

The night started out the same as it usually did for shroom tripping. Everyone was in a great mood and looking forward to expanding the mind and senses. We picked up half an ounce and split it with 5 of us. We emptied the bag in a bowl and sat around the coffee table each taking a cap and a stem one at a time. A little after we started eating them we kinda got carried away and it felt like we were snacking on a bowl of chips or some other snack. I started losing count and by the time i knew it the bowl was empty. So we sat back and waited. The nausea kicked in quicker than i ever felt and my stomach started turning real bad. I ignored it cause it's the usual and continued talking. Somehow me and my friend J got on the topic of a bad trip and he said the last trip that he wanted to be on was one with blood in it. I thought nothing of it but I guess it stayed in the back of my mind. As the shrooms started kicking in good, the visuals started and it started coming on strong. I started to think that maybe these shrooms were a fair bit stronger than any that i've experienced before. I scared myself a litte but calmed myself down enough to be mellow. Until I was talking to my buddy (sitting on the couch at each ends facing each other) and the couch started moving further away from me but he stayed in the same spot. It was like it was only the back of the couch was moving, like the fabric was getting stretched. I got an immediate hot sweat and mumbled something about needing air as it felt hard to breathe so I retreated to the balcony outside. We had a red spotlight out there and a green one inside, the colors melted together and I was trying to look through the bars on the balcony at the ground and parking lot below in front of the house. They turned like a 3D mirage and i started to feel really dizzy. Just then everybody decided to come outside for a smoke and I started losing control. I panicked and scrambled to the bathroom and thought I was going to be sick, so I ran a bath and hopped in. By this time I was seeing all sorts of tiny flourescent blue and green crosses that were swirling together and mixing all over the walls and the lights were insanely bright. The water felt like it was rushing through me and with the slightest wave in the tub it felt like I was in the middle of the ocean on huge waves. I got out of tub and left the bathroom to find refuge in my bedroom where it was dark and I knew or though that it would be safe. I laid down on the bed in darkness and tried to calm myself down but I could feel the trip getting stronger and stronger. I started to think that I ate to much and that made it way worse. Almost instantly I had a buzzing in my ears and it felt like my limbs went completely numb as if they were detached from my body. I had to keep moving to get the feeling in them so there I was flailing my arms and legs in the darkness under the blanket totally freaking out. I could hear everyone else in the living room laughing and having a good time and I thought, why is this happening to me. I managed to calm myself down about what I thought was an hour or so later and came back out to join my friends who were in the midst of playing foosball and turning the light on and off, but everyone was laughing hysterically and I started to get into the same mood as them. By this time the lights and colours that I was seeing looked more like flourescent tubes that were wizzing by my head and the faster I walked the faster they went by. I needed a smoke but the only ones I had were in my car so I decided to take the journey down the stairs and out the door to the parking lot below. I got the smokes but not without hitting my thumb on something or other and on the way back inside I noticed that my thumb, right at the cuticle, was slightly bleeding. I thought nothing of it for the first 5 seconds and then it came from the back of my mind, my friend J's voice saying "I wouldnt want a blood and guts trip" Almost immediatly after that the walls started to warp and cave in as I was trying to make my way back upstairs. I started to get really wobley and held my hands out to the side to try and stop the walls from caving in on me. I passed by some person on the way up the stairs and mumbled something about watching out cause i needed to get to my room. I got into my apartment and threw the car keys down on the floor and went back into the room. By the time I hit the bed again all i could taste in my mouth was blood. I started panicking uncontrollaby and told myself it's just a trip, a few more hours and i'll be straight. I was gripping on the bed sheets and it felt as if there was blood squishing between my fingers like mud, I smelt death and I looked over at the walls and they painted red from one corner all across. The pictures and posters, the floor, all I seen was red. I was pouring sweat, my mouth was so dry but it felt like everytime i opened it there was spider webs clinging from the top to the bottom. I rolled around in the bed for about 3 hours or so, it felt like a lifetime and i wasnt coming down at all. I couldnt keep my eyes open for seeing all the blood and it was worse when i closed them. Objects in my vision zoomed in and out and mutated into other objects at random. I seen a jack in the box that formed into a rose that formed into some kind of creature whos mouth opened wide and wrapped back around it's head and a roller coaster shot out of it's mouth and started going up and down and sideways while there was objects and shapes swirling in the back ground, it was almost more of a reality than reality at the time. That's when i opened my eyes again cause the nausea came back. My head was spinning and I felt so sick. I had to piss so bad but the lights were way to bright and the colours came pouring in whenever somebody opened the door to see how I was doing. I freaked out on anybody who came in cause nobody understood what i was going through, they thought it was just another trip, but it was far worse than that. I finally got up the courage to try and make it to the bathroom cause I had no luck trying to piss out the window standing with one foot on the bed and the other on the dresser. The lights and colours were unbearable on the way to the bathroom, even though it was only like 5 feet out my bedroom door. I got in, shut the door behind me and locked it. I was standing alright taking a piss when i noticed that the tub that i forgot to drain, was also filled with blood. My stomach turned something awful and I could see the shiloutte of things that looked like eyeballs and bones or stuff floating in it. I dropped to the floor and told myself it wasnt real and that it would be over soon. I could still smell the death and taste blood in my mouth. The floor felt wet and I thought that it was coming out of the tub. All the sudden it started to feel like it was coming from me and I thought I was the one bleeding. It felt like raizor blades and the sharp end of knives were sticking out of the floor and cutting into my back. So I tryed to roll onto my side but it didnt help at all. I was running out of options for what to do and started to feel utterly helpless. I crawled out of the bathroom and back into the room. I managed to start coming down about an hour after that and the panic started to subside. I started to feel really calm again and the blood on the walls was gone and everything started to look normal again. I laid in the room until it was getting light out and the visions were leaving me. It was about 7:30 when I was feeling pretty normal, normal being no hallucinations but i still felt pretty out of it. I didnt sleep until the next night and that was the last time I did anything hallucinagenic. I realized that night that even if it wasnt real in this world. Whatever is real in your mind is reality, I tasted it, I smelled it, I seen it and I felt it. How much more real can you possibly get. I dont have the mind for drugs like that cause i know that i cant take it anymore cause i concentrate to hard and i think to hard. So that's my magic mushroom trip, I hope you enjoyed it, i didnt at the time but i am so glad i had it so i could reflect on it and say that it did happen to me cause it was such an amazing voyage, even though it was a bad one.

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