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Blabling dude

I had been wanting to try mushrooms for a long time, so this was my first time.

I had been wanting to try mushrooms for a long time, so this was my first time. I had planned to do them with some buddies, but I was at a party and decided to just do em when I could get em. I was drunk, and wasn't thinking properly, and I also had so little knowlage of them. Foolish, but it turned out great. I think the alcohol inhibited the effects a little, because no hallucinations or blending of colors. But physcological effects were apparent haha.

first, i started making out with a girl... i took off my shirt. then, i like started to pass out. so we stopped. i was talking to her about how beautiful she was, like a "light that just glowed everywhere". it was like the profeeser thing, where i was giving her a collage lecture or something lol. i woke up like 10 min later lol, then found my shirt. i couldn't put it on!! i walked downstairs with my shirt just resting on my shoulders >_< . these two people, alyssa and victor came up to me. they're like "PUT ON YOUR SHIRT" im like "I CANT VICTOR". hes like, "IM NOT VICTOR. IM MARSHELL". im like "NO, YOU ARE VICTOR. RIGHT ALYSSA??" shes like "IM NOT ALYSSA IM ASHLEY!!" so i started arguing with them about their names for like 20 min. they convinced me that everyone at the party had a dif name than what i thought, and i was completely contradicting myself the whole time, saying "I KNOW THATS NOT YOUR NAME.. BUT IM PRETTY FUCKED UP SO MAYBE IT COULD BE.. BUT I KNOW FOR SURE.. BUT MAYBE THATS THE DRUG... OMG". i was just the feeling of knowing something was right, but being told it was wrong, and actually wondering if i was, even though i knew it wasn't.... i convinced myself everything and anything was possible. but i was too tired to do anything stupid, so i just passed out and went to sleep lol

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