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BLA kookba

what the.

what the... intent of death is defintally intame and ideas a fake unless fooled with so why care I reailize you dont understand the mindstate but Im out for the fun so chill and no real chance of joking or judgement so why not and time unrelentless I just need somthing not delived or disscussed oh god MY celing is melting what OH god man allrihjt ok but really when your chilling its a ah who cares man I just saw my walls crawling fuck YA Im fucked but who cares anymore we all just want to do the same thing sit back and breath a bit away from the tense people and I wonder whos good to go whos not going to bitch wheres the end I dont want it to end enegy is plentinful and nobdy knows this I wonder where the outer rim is where is the people who know me but not I need to chill for a bit I realize one more night wont hurt I think maby two but to no end relentless I know what it is I dont even know I need to find myself before others find me I see life entangled in vines holding but not restricting I hope its not to late to turn myself to the one I lost and mental mindstate and not careing what people think or judge this is now this is tommorow time is of no essencepeople in glass houses dont throw stones and I dont care I dodnt know you so take your stone and get a little more even it means to stop the cliff but this is unknowon fuck it I wont get it well I could but I dont move cemented at once but I look and others ar moving but then not why are they not darker and lighter inside the mind of a sane man somwhat the thoughts slowed by two hundred times and somewhat more accurate I know see so now I will let go so you can expericence and ponder what you think.(MAD)

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