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bit my tongue off

Hi shroomers, This is the story of my first bad trip.

Hi shroomers, This is the story of my first bad trip. I was 14 years old at the time and me and three friends, lets just call them D, J, B, were going to go to a youth group (GAY) party. Before we went to the party we all bought some weed and I bought a chocolate covered mushroom (4grams). Then I ate the chocolate shroom right before we drove to the party. When we got there everyone had left and their was no party anymore so me and my buds decided to chill for a while in this playground neerby. The mush wasnt kickin in yet so I started to smoke my weed, by the way I bought a lot of weed. To my recolection I bought about 16 joints. After smoking about 10 I was fucking blitzed, I was so high I could kiss the sky. Still didnt feel to much of the mushrooms effects though. We walked to a nearby schoolhouse basketball court and were sitting on some skateboard ramps when the mush hit me. I had brought some firecrackers and I lit one up and threw it beside me. When this happened I was totally scared. As soon as the firecracker blew up I felt blood in my mouth. I wasnt sure if it was blood but it felt thick like blood does. My mouth was totally numb from all the pot i smoked and I had the worst cottonmouth ever. After feeling the blood in my mouth I started to feel an object to. It was rubbery and slippery like a tongue. Then it felt like the blood was running out of my mouth and dripping all over me. At this point I was frozen. I didnt know what to do or how to do it. I started to swett and I couldnt talk because every time I opened my mouth I felt sick,( like I had eaten my own tongue). Then finally I realized that my tongue was still in my mouth and that nothing was wrong, but still I felt like I was biting it off. I didnt talk for the rest of the trip and all my friends were wondering what was wrong with me. We all came back to my town and went to the park. This is when I felt better because as soon as we arrived in the park we saw two hotties from my school swimming in the park. They knew we were watching so they acted all sexy and it turned me on. This is when all my bad feelings went away and my tongue felt normal. This trip was by far the scariest thing ive ever experianced but I realized that beautiful women can cure anything haha or maybe im just a hornball. havent had a bad trip since and I love mushrooms to death. happy eatings

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