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billboard of colors

ok it all started at about 7:30 when i ingested about 6 grams of some p.

ok it all started at about 7:30 when i ingested about 6 grams of some p. cubes mixed with handfulls of cheese to offset the taste.

About 40 mins later i began to come up there was some pronounced nausia so i smoked 2 joints which stopped the nausia The shrooms were starting to take a hold things were much more colorful i could look at the tv and it ripple like ity was water then it would radiate to the wall ect.

I decided to go to the store and trip out there but i couldnt keep my mind on one thing for more then a few seconds sop it took about 40 mins to get ready then i looked at my hands my fingers bloated and changed into many shapes until i tried to touch them and they would turn into normal fingers i felt great didnt feel any parinoia or pain. i had some pretty bad gas but it wasnt a problem.
I got to the store and was overcome by the colors and sounds the floor was moving like a conveyer belt and the bags of food were moving and changing into everything. so then i decided to go home i was trippin balls by now and some people began to ask if i was allright. i hurried home everything distorted streetlights had a plethora of vibrant colors
I got home and had drank about 4 beers in a hour time was stopped at about 11:30

then i lost touch withmyself and was absorbed with my cat that was like a walking board of vibrant colors that would start to talk to me after a while but only in a series of short pphrases it was really strange. i felt like i wanted to just give into the trip and fall and fall and fall into my mind but couldnt get there.

i finally came down after a lot of fun around 2:30
passed out tired mentallt, physically and was kinda drunk too.

as great trip!

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