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Dripping Lights

Briefly, I'd like to relate a bit about my recent trip to Amsterdam.

Briefly, I'd like to relate a bit about my recent trip to Amsterdam.

My purposes for going were to enjoy a little R&R, do some coffee house recon, see some friends from Germany, and to meet our fellow member, C. All objectives were accomplished.

Coffee Houses: don't miss the Greenhouse, the Bluebird(my fave), Smokey's,Dutch Flowers and Homegrown Fantasy. Also, take the time to check out a place C turned me on to: Concious Dreams at 117 Kirkstrasse. This place doesn't sell cannabis, it sell organic teas, herbs, smart drinks, and three kinds of psilocybe mushrooms(cubensis, liberty caps, and cyanescans) as well as live peyote cactus. Mushrooms are 25 guilders per dose, 1 oz. fresh of cubensis, or about 2.5-3g dried.The other two are different weights, but all run the same price for one reasonable dose. The peyote run 35 guilders per plant, making for a stiff priced trip, as 4-5 minumum would be required.$1=1.5 guilders.

C: I know I did not realize the scope of this man's endeavors.When he orriginally told me he was growing mushrooms, three kinds, for sale around Holland, I figured he had something like a big closet, or single room type growing situation. I didn't understand. He is growing and selling mushrooms, legal in Holland!, to these herb/smart drink shops, as well as, I gather, other stores across Holland. He grows a truly amazing amount of shrooms, all of high quality. He offered me a dose of my choice, e-mail, before I left, and I wisely opted for p. cyanescans, the only one of the three types I had never tried.

We met, several times, over the course of my visit. As a stranger, alone in a strange land, I choice not to eat the large 1 g + dose he so kindly gave me. No guide. Wrong Language. Inadequate support group(me).

I figured it was not the time or place for that. Plus, I'm on Paxil, and best to detox from ssri before going for a big one. Never the less, I was keen to see how cyanescans was, as it is considered the most potent psilocybe mushroom. So I took a mid low dose, maybe .3-.4g one evening before going to see Little Feat at the Paradiso, an old Lutheran church converted into one of the most venerable rock clubs. The mushrooms, the time, the place, they came together in a magic mix. Little Feat hadn't played Amsterdam in 19 years, and they were jazzed. The floors were warping, the lights assumed new proportions, dripping and spilling onto the stage, and the music swept me away.

All in all, I was impressed. The man knows his mushrooms. Cyanescans was all it was reported to be. If you are heading to Amsterdam, drop C a note. He is a very busy guy, his shrooms take up almost all of his time in a job well done.If he can, I'm sure he'll try to say hi! If he can't, the rest assured that he can direct you to a very fine time.

Of special note, C says he dries his shrooms under a much lower heat than many use, forcing warm(40C) dry air through large containers of shrooms, overnight. He says just a few degrees more seems to affect the alkaloid content, judging by effects, making the shrooms weaker. He feels that at this temp, the psilocyn is not degraded. Judging by his results, and knowing the research he has put in, I can only assume he is correct.

Thanks again C, for a great time. And, everyone else, head for Amsterdam at your earliest convenience. Breath in the freshn air of freedom, along with a long sweet toke of the finest kind. Say Hi to C. See the Van Gogh museum several times. (Next time, I'm tripping for that) Thank God there is a real place in this world for me.

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