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best day/night of my life

A friend of mine and i had been trying to get some shrooms for about three weeks.

A friend of mine and i had been trying to get some shrooms for about three weeks. im 18 and about 145 lbs. finally this past Thursday we ended up buying some from this guy that goes to my school. we had prepared everything we wanted to do including trip out music, bright light up football, vitamin C pills, orange juice, and a good trip to the beach. It was my friends first time, so he ate 2 g's and i ate 3.

We ate them around 4:00 and waited a little before we went on a journey. we walked from mission beach to PB. on the way there we were looking at the sand and for some reason it looked orange. i have been there many times and have never seen it that color. on the way back the shrooms started kicking in a little stronger.it felt like i was walking on a water bed, because everything was coming in waves. we stopped by this area where roller skaters were dancing to music, and when my friend leaned against a piller he felt like he became a part of the pillar. we ended up buying some creeper bud from a local bum around the bay area. once we started to peak we went walking around the bay and ran into the same bum. but this time he seemed like he was a completely different person. by now i started having stong hallucinations. i looked at my friends face, and it started to mutate, and looked like his head was really deformed. we were sitting in the sand, and all i could hear was this music repeating over and over. there were a lot of people riding bikes, and everyone looked like either midgets or had down syndrome.

Back in my car i layed back and looked at the ceiling. it started to look like a colidascope image and was moving around really fast. we tried smoking some of that creeper bud, but we couldnt. we started listenening to the music we downloaded, but it didnt sound anything like it.

some really drunk white trash guy had tried to back into one of the 5 spaces next to mine. he seriously tried parking like 10 times. finally when he did he got out and was talking to this car that was parked across the lot. he was slapping it and yelling at it. this whole time my friend and i are watching and going crazy watching this guy go nuts on this car. He went back into his car and grabbed a screw driver and went back. he ended up stealing the cars windshield wipers, and hung out in his car talking to himself for like 10 min.

it was starting to get dark so we headed towards one of the fire pits that had no one around it but had a fire going. we smoked a few bowls and ended up seeing fireworks across the bay. then some random guy came over and said he had some friends, some wood, a keg, and weed. he brings his friends over and this weed guru shows us his cannabis card. we end up smoking some of his legal marijuana (X Haze) and chilled by this fire. everything happened to come together to make the perfect day. it was the best day of my life, and if i could i would live in shroom land for ever.

Happy Shroomin

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