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Best and worst trip of my life.

To start off, this report is a very vague description of a trip of mine, and thats because I really dont remember much of the fine details.

To start off, this report is a very vague description of a trip of mine, and thats because I really dont remember much of the fine details.

Me and my girlfreind couldn't get ahold of any mushrooms from our usualy "guys", so I called one of my ganja hookups to see if he had and mush hookups. He called me back and told me to head over. I bought 10 dried grams for 60$, and we headed home to start grillin. I took a look at them and they were some of the most wicked looking cubensis i have ever seen, with beautiful caps, and long, green-purple-blue stained stems. We split them up and ate them around 12 PM. At 12:20 I felt nothing and went outside to smoke a bowl. As soon as we finished smoking I started to feel really stoned and I felt a body high coming on. I went back inside and layed down on the bed. It was 12:30 now, only a half hour after ingestion, and I was starting to come onto the trip pretty hard. The carpet was breathing and my mind was starting to get running. After about 20 minutes of watching tv I looked at the closet doors. They were growing and shrinking with an assortment of funky colors and moving patterns. The lava lamp was going in fast motion, and so was the tv. Things started to lose their meaning and 2pac in the poster next to me started to take the figure of a cat, then a demon, then some other crazy ass shit. I looked at my girlfriend, she was tripping hard, and we couldnt stop giggling. The minutes got slower and slower until it seemed as if there was no such thing as time. I looked at the clock, it read 2:20, and it seemed as if my trip just started. I kept asking myself "what the hell is going on". I told my girlfriend to turn the TV off because it was too much for me to even pay attention to, and that I wanted to relax and get some closed eye visuals. The tv turned off and I layed on my stomach. My body felt like it was 1,000 pounds one second, and weightless the other. I stuck my hand out in front of me and twirled my numb fingers. They morphed into eachother. I could now control every vision I saw. My fingers turned into people and they started fist fighting. I dont remember many of my visuals but all I know is that they were insanely real. There was a person in her vanity mirror waving their arm. The closet doors were now swinging open and the ceiling grew to about 20 feet tall. The room was flashing neon colors and my body felt as if it was gelatinous. My mouth felt like it was melting into itself. At one point in time I proclaimed "Woah, i'm like helium" as my arms weightlessly floated/stretched to the ceiling. My girlfriend started to freak and and she was scared she wasn't going to come off the trip ever, I kept reminding her about every 30 seconds that the effects were temp and she would feel fine in a few hours (she knows this as she has done shrooms before, but i don't think she even knew her own name at this point in time). This is when my trip turned bad. She got up and wanted to go for help. I didnt know what to do, because I knew I was trippin way to hard to deal with other people, so I ran after her, grabbed her, picked her up, and put her back on the bed. I looked at the clock. 2:40. Shit. Every minute seemed like an eternity. I was completely disconnected from reality. My girlfriend would freak out about every 30 seconds and try to get away from me trying to say things like "I cant do this anymore" "where am I" "mom?" and "im never gonna come back am i". I told her to close her eyes and relax but she never could, she kept trying to wrestle free from me but i just layed down and held her tight. The minutes got slower and I started to trip harder. I closed my eyes and started having strong audial and visual hallucenations of hellfire, skeletons, and about 100 other fucked up things. I tried to change my mindset, but everytime my girl would try to wrestle free from me it kept getting worse. My skin felt like jello. I would kiss my girl on the forehead. My lips felt gooey and when I kissed her they seemed to sink into her head and I kept asking her why she was doing this, and telling her that if she relaxed the trip would be more enjoyable. I kept telling her to watch the "cool" patterns and that they were "cool" and all she could say is "no, they arent" and would start to freak out again. I looked at the clock. In my mind a few hours had passed but I was dissapointed when only 20 minutes had. Time after time I forgot where I was. This continued until about 4:00 am, and it seemed like an eternity. She drank some water and started to relax, and when she relaxed, so did I. We put on some music and started gain some IQ back, we talked about how fucked up our trip was. I was still trippin hard at this point with strong visuals, and so was she, but when it started to wear off a bit for her she realized she could relax. At 4:20 she got a bit more cheerful and said "yeah! 4:20, get your lighter". We sat there for about 2 hours talk, relaxing, and coming off our trip. At about six I was still having visuals, things were moving. The sun was coming up and the blinds seemed blue, then purple, then green, then red, then orange, and so on. I finally fell asleep.

Im really not sure if this was level 4 or 5, but I will say 4 to be safe. Its really easy to underestimate the potency of some shrooms, and all I know is that those were some fuckin crazy ass cubies.

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