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Best and most terrifying experience in one trip


i had done shrooms with my best mate alex once before. we took 15g of fresh mexican (psilocybe cubensis) mushies and had a mild but very relaxing and fun trip. (i highly recommend doing poppers at intervals throughout the trip...its intense!!)

anyway, we decided to do it again last night. but we figured our tolerance would have risen a little, so we took 25g of the same mushrooms as before. this was at 9pm. but this time, about 7 of his sisters friends were round too, which kinda made me a little uncomfortable, but not anything really bad at that point.

i started my trip about 15 mins before alex, (at about 9:40) probably because i hadnt eaten much before. i was playing guitar, and all of a sudden everything went green (the same colour as the wall tiles), and my hands felt like they were playing guitar by themselves. people started changing colour, and the temperature rose or fell depending on my immediate moods, and the guitar i was playing was all sparkly and left trails in the air when i moved it. this was amazing. then alex started to trip too and we were on the same wavelength again. we were talking complete sense to each other, but everyone said we were muddling our words like we were really drunk. then after another hour, the loss of reality started to come in. however, this didnt alarm us, because after all...what was reality?!
we had another mate, "R", in the room with us, and he felt like our only connection to the real world, and we didnt want him to leave. even though we knew we were just feeling the effects of magic muchrooms, it was so real. it felt like the normal world was all square and stable, and our world was a twisted vortex that kept bulging and changing direction all the time. i had to ask "R" to talk in the past tense alot because for some reason i felt totally comfortable with this. he kept telling a story about him and a few other guys having a spliff in the park over and over again, but he swears he only mentioned it once. we also listened to a song that alex and i had recorded earlier, but we both completly thought that someone else had written it in another dimension. this was where time started to become meaningless. i looked at my watch, (after it stopped wriggling!) and it said 11:30, but then i looked at it again later, and it said 11:10....things got a bit dodgy after this. i kept telling "R" to not let anyone in the room because i was terrified of them seeing me, and i didnt want to look at any other human apart from him and alex. up till this point, i was having the time of my life....not having to worry about reality anymore. but then some people were upstairs and started having a PLAYFUL drunken argument, but to alex and i, it sounded like a catastrophe was happening. we started to feel the same emotions at the same time. doors closing sounded like gunshots or something and when everyone walked through the room, it seemed like they were all REALLY pissed off with each other, when in reality they wern't at all. we decided to go into another room and sit for a bit. every thing seemed normal for a few minutes, then someone asked alex a question, but to me he answered about the most random things but everyone else seemed to understand him. i felt really alone then. also, it looked like he was moving about all the time on the sofa and waving his arms, and doing weird stuff with his eyes and mouth, (like a manic cartoon character) but everybody swears blindly that he was sitting still the whole time!! at this point i got terrifyed at thought of his mum coming in and seeing us. (because i had lost reality now, i didnt know whether i was dreaming and my body was somewhere else, or traveling through a tunnel past peoples lives. at this point, i did the STUPIDEST thing ever....i went and sat in my car outside in the dark, by myself!! i just couldnt bear to be with any humans or living things. i could hear music really loud, and it kept speeding up and slowing down all the time like a broken record player, and it sounded all shimmery. i kept wanting it to stop incase alex's mum heard it. it was actually kinda beautiful though. however, no music was actually playing in real life. this was when the trip was at its height. i kept thinking that i would wake up soon, but then i didnt know if i was alseep, awake...or even alive. i couldnt remember a past or imagine a future. because i had lost time, i couldnt think into or about it. (im doing my best to try and explain here! heh) i'd read about trip intensity levels before, but i couldnt comprehend how it got so weird...and i thought maybe i had been on this level all my life....
i texted my ex-girlfriend and asked her to ring me and she did. it felt so overwhelmingly good to hear her because it was like a glimpse of reality.
at this point i was SOOOOO scared about people coming out to my car to get me because i could still hear the doors slamming, and when i looked in the window it looked like they were all doing ninja moves and stuck in a time loop. as i was telling my ex on the phone, all of a sudden, alex and "R" walked up to my car, and it was the last thing on earth (or wherever i was) that i wanted to see. all i could see were they're heads, and hands in the blackness. i have never been so god damn frightened in all my life!!! i screamed soooooo loud and kicked at the window to get them away (there is footprints all over the window!). alex was over the worst and was mostly back to reality and he opened the door cos he was worried about me, but i didnt want him near me...ever!! my sane side was apologising to him, but my shrooms' side was telling him to go away quickly. so he closed the door and went. alot of other things happened that scared me too...an aeroplane went over, and it looked HUGE and made such a loud booming sound that also made me scream. after talking on the phone for about 2 hours (which most of the convosation was me asking her what the time was over and over!), i figured out that if i went back inside, i wouldnt be worried about people coming out and making me jump. so after about 5 minutes of searching, i found the door handle and got out the car. as soon as i went back in and saw alex, i felt completly normal again, and thats when the trip ended. it was sooo weird. "R" had recorded our voices on the computer while we were fucked, and we listened to it back, which made us laugh so much. eventually we got to sleep about 4 this morning.

sorry it was so long...wanted to try and explain all of it! i put level 4, but i dont really know what it was really..!
i dunno if i will do them again though.

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