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Beetle Juice

Well, this was by far the craziest most insane mushroom trip I have ever taken.

Well, this was by far the craziest most insane mushroom trip I have ever taken. It all started on a Friday morning when my girlfriend and myself found ourself with the day off. We decided to go take a tour of a local cave. We drove to the cave, payed our $6 fee for a tour and really enjoyed myelf. The entire time I was in the cave looking at all the stalagtites, and stalagmites and dripstone I kept thinking how cool it would be to trip in a cave. My urge to trip grew and grew, but I was unable to share the desire with my girlfriend because there were many strangers with childeren on the guided tour of the cave with us. I knew I had a stash of a quarter once of shrooms back at the house and decided to ask my girlfriend what she thought of the idea once we were safely back in the car. To my surprise as soon as we were alone, my girlfriend blurts out ' Do you still have the bag of shrooms? Yes I knew how the rest of the day would be spent know. It had been almost a year since I last indulged and I knew all the conditions were just right. So we decided to skip lunch so the shrooms would be able to work harder and faster.

As soon as we got back we sat down at the table and got the shroom out and dumped them on a tray. Then there was a knock at the door. It was the crazy hippy who just moved in downstairs looking to try some new weed he just got from a friend. When he asked what we were up to me and my girlfriend both got the same smirk on our face. He knew something was up but could not put his finger on it. Then we pulled the tray of shrooms from under the table, he smiled and we asked if he would like to join us. He smiled and I knew he was considering it but then through his smile replied 'No it would change the chemistry of what you two were about to hop into.' Quietly I was glad. So we munched down our shrooms, the whole quarter, faster than I ever have before and smoked a quick bong with our new friend. We said goodbye and headed for a trail not to far from the apartment.

Not more than 10 minutes after ingesting the goodies, I felt so incredibly high and was already seeing quite intesified colorization of everything. My girlfriend looked at me and said she was going to throw up. I told her not to worry that it would pass.She commented that she also felt very dizzy and may pass out soon. I told her please don't worry, the shrooms are kicking in on me very fast and I am sure that the side effects would not last long. She asked me not to leave her. I promised that I would not. I took her hand and kept walking. Then it dawned on me, the trip has started!!!!!!!!! I think my girlfriend is having a bad trip. I asked her if she was okay. She demanded I be quiet, do I want to get us in trouble. I looked at her face, she was white. I mean white, like the color of white out. She asked what I was looking at? I said you are very pale. She asked if we could sit down. I agreed and we did. I got some water out of my bag and offered it to her. She then asked,' what if someone comes how are we going to explain just sitting here in the trail.' Then she said,"Do you think anyone can hear us?' I said no we are in the middle of the woods on a trail. This did not comfort her. She requested that we go home, I said I would prefer that you try to walk this off. I reminded her of a conversation we once had about tripping, "Sometimes tripping can be a lesson in remaining positive". I cautioned her that she is currently being tested and that everything is fine" I reminded her that I loved her. She agreed to walk on. I was tripping so hard at this point and asking myself why I did this? Then, my girlfriend said, No lets go home, it is safe their. I gave in, reminding myself that negativity breeds negativity and I must radiate positive to bring her back around.

Now it was close to 5 oclock at night, I was tripping very hard for about an hour now, and my girlfriend was freeking out hardcore. My life was completely upside down at this point. I was also starting to hallicuanate very intensley. If I staired for one second everything waved. The trail I was walking on curled up into a green swirling tunnel right before my eyes at least four or five times. My girlfriend was compusively asking me the same questions over and over:'What time is it?, Do I look ok?, Can anyone hear us?', then she would throw in 'I wish we were home.' At this point I could not think straight, I was choosen to be strong right now, I must guide her off the trail, into town, and back to the apartment. Then I looked at my arm and a bee stung me, it hurt so bad. I stopped and looked at my arm and it swelled to about twice it's normal size. I looked at the other arm for comparison and it swelled while the other arm shrunk. I decided to forgot about it and move on. My girlfriend through in a "I wish we were Home!!!!!'. We made it to the middle of town and the visuals were getting crazier and crazier,plus I could now hear my own heart beating. I went over the basic rules of the traffic light in my head, tightly squeezed my girlfriends hand and guided us through traffic. I was a bitch, and I swear I heard someone yell my name. I figured as long as she didn't get hysterical on me that we would be alright. Within minutes we were back into our apartment. Luckily none of the neighbors or the landlord were in the yard to greet us.
Once inside I ramsacked thee bedroom looking for my bottle of Niacian, I was once told it can bring you down from a trip. I found it and poured my girlfriend, now lying on the bed, a glass of water and fed her two white capsules. I informed her I was going to sit down on the couch and try to catch my breath. I could barely breath and I was stilling hearing my heart beat which had since accelerated. The panneling in the apartment was breathing with me and swaying. I snuck a minute a pleasure in the intense visuals. I got a glass of water and sat on a chair. I felt rather triumphant for guiding my girl back to our sanctuary. I didn't believe that she would actually stop having a bad trip and had prepped myself to care for her the rest of the day. I throw the water on my face and went to check on my girlfriend. Rounding the corner of the hall I swore I heard giggling. I entered the room and there was my girlfriend completly naked on the floor dumping a piture of water on her head. I could not believe it. She stopped laughing and asked me what was wrong. She wanted to know if I was having a bad trip, I said I thought you were. She said she was but if was over and everything was fine. I could not keep up, then waves of excitement and joy filled my entire body. I immediatly fell to the floor laughing. We ended up lauging and laughing and going over what had happened so far today.
Now that everything was going better, I decided to put some Etta James on the stero. The visuals were still very intense, and the apartment seemed to dance with the music. I started to wonder how the apartment remained standing with such flimsy walls. That was a competely silly thought.

The next hour was a very blurry and joyful. My girlfriend and I took turns leading each around the apartment on the computer chair with our eyes closed and melting into the floor. Then my arm started to throb where I had been stung, my girlfriend suggested that I have the guys down stairs look at it,she did not want to wait alone so she decided to come. I agreed and headed off. I ran into my landlord on the steps. After a conversation about nothing that I could not follow anyways, all the bad feelings rushed back into my head. Trying to cover my confused look I asked my landlord to look at my arm He looked puzzled but looked at it. Then he reached in his pocket and pulled out a pair of tweezers. I thought, Who the hell carries tweezers around. I mummble something to him and ran downstairs. It was terrible. I knocked on the guys door who live downstairs and nothing happened. Then the 80 year old neighbor lady came to her door and said they left just a little bit ago. I just nodded and ran back upstairs. I was again hallicination violently and having terribled parinoid thoughts. I ran back into my apartment.

Once inside again, I felt amazingly better and commented that the outside world is fucked up. My girlfriend replied that she only felt safe here. I agreed. She then commented how our situation was very similair to the movie "Beetle Juice" The couple could not leave the house, It was true. We decided to make rules for the rest of the day: 1. dont cross the threshold of the door, 2. No phone calls, 3. No email, 4. No answering the door. We had to isolate ourselves.

Then the trip got sappy and emotional, My girlfriend thanked me for pulling her out of the treches earlier. I accepted and told her I would do it again. She commented that we have to stay together and remain positive. I felt very connected and attracted to her. We hugged. I was very warm and emotional. We knew that we belonged together.

We spent the rest of the day having fun in the apartment, smoking some herb,listening to Louis Armstrong CD's, while our trips got less intense. In retrospect it was everything a trip should be, crazy and unpredictable. I will do it again someday.

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