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beastmaster in N.Y.

SHORT REPORT- I had been waiting for almost two months for my shrooms to grow and dry up.

SHORT REPORT- I had been waiting for almost two months for my shrooms to grow and dry up. I decided before I gave any of those beautiful babies to my friends, I should try them for myself. I hadn't shroomed in about a year, so I pretty much forgot how many I should eat. I ended up eating about eight pretty nice sized shrooms along with three additional caps. I decided I wanted them to hit me when the sun was rising, so I set my alarm for five in the morning. I awoke and gobbled them up. I had planned on staying in my apartment for the entire trip, I know it sounds boring, but after all, this was supposed to be a test run. A little over a half hour passed and of course I was thinking the usual "I don't think they are going to work." It must have been less than ten minutes later when I started having that familiar take-off feeling. Minutes later I was in full force trip mode. I had been lying on my bed watching some nature show on polar bears when I noticed my fish tank dancing around on it's stand. I went over and pressed my nose up to the glass. I have a few of these little cheap fish called neon tetras...oh my god, how they glowed! I felt as though I was inside the tank. I could feel the cool water all over my body. I was one of them. The visuals were awesome. I tripped on this for a good hour or so(I don't think I ever really looked at the clock, nor did I care to). At this point I felt like there was some kind of pressure shooting out of my ears. I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but it's like I could actually feel steam shooting from my ears. Thats about when I decided I needed to go outside, probably not the most sane idea, but at that time it seemed brilliant. I started walking around the city, it's actually pretty peaceful in the morning. I went to the corner and picked up some coffee. I think I said to the man "can..I..coffee..large?" trying my hardest not to giggle, staring at him with my alien eyes. Everyones face was really freaking me out, but I was able to keep my composure. I decided to take a walk through the park until I got rid of feeling that I was going to laugh in someones face. It seemed like I could distinguish every single blade of swaying grass. The trees were alive and dancing. Then I noticed two things..I had missed the highly anticipated sunrise..and I still had a full cup coffee in my hand that was probably over a half hour old. Then It came to me, THE CENTRAL PARK ZOO! I was already pretty close so I walked another what seemed to be two hours(probably more like ten minutes)and arrived at the park. It was still very early and there was pretty much nobody there. I walked up to the lady and I guess I was still really trippin because I swear she said "are you on something" so I held up the same full cup of coffe and said "this is my forth cup". I noticed she gave me kind of a blank look, had she really said what I thought she said? Don't know...don't care. I remembered watching the polar bears on the nature channel before I started tripping and decided to pay them a visit. There was only one out at that time but one was plenty. They come right up to the glass and swim laps back and forth. I began to have the same experience as I did with the fish tank. Except this time I thought I was telepathically communicating with the bear. DID HE JUST SMILE AT ME..I THINK HE DID! I began telling him to do flips in the water and he would do just that. He was most likely doing flips the whole time, but of course thats not what I chose to see. I really felt like that bear knew me. I felt that when on shrooms I was some sort of beastmaster, that I could tame the most savage of creatures. The funny thing is, the polar bear was the only animal I visited at the zoo that day. I walked back out past the same lady holding the same full cup of coffee. She must have thought I was some kind of nut. On the way home I felt as though the birds were walking me home, flying from tree to tree. I decided my adventure was over and it was time to go home, and yes, time to throw away my coffee.

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