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Beach trip

I ate mushrooms and me and my friend brought a guitar and a lot of good tunes with to the beach for a trip in south florida.

I ate mushrooms and me and my friend brought a guitar and a lot of good tunes with to the beach for a trip in south florida. The weather was perfectly warm. I first started recognizing the trip by the sand looking like huge hills when I knew it was relatively flat from before. I then noticed a purple glow of energy from all the coastline lighting and the energy was glowing out of the lights. It was just beautiful. The most sensational feeling was already upon me and I was laying back watching the stars and different colored lights shoot in the sky to Bob Marley's is this love. I heard somewhere before the expression "the greatest show on earth" I think in context of the circus...but FUCK THAT shrooming is the greatest show on earth. I listened to the waves rushing to and from the shore in bliss and thought about the fact that someday I may become a part of this beauty when I die. But it wasnt a morbid thought at all, it was peaceful and consoling. My friend and I decided to walk around after a few hours of watching the light show and he had been smokin so he wanted some eats. We went to an ice cream shop and the floor looked like I was walking over giant ceramic hills. I laughed and kinda went straight for a while. Then when he made the observation that "hey man that dude in front of us' guitar case has a picture of a mushroom on it"..bam... all the sound and people talking rushed into my ears at such an elevated volume. Thus started the next portion of the trip. We walked through these rich dining and shop areas carrying a bag and a guitar. The sounds and emotions of people around were flowing in so clearly and loud. There were mild hallucinations here and there and then we got in the car and decided to drive around. I was watching the people's eyes as we passed and I could tell by their expressions what kind of mood they were in and things of that nature. I was being so incredibly observant of little things like that. So I ate a couple more stems and caps and watched as cars flew by and again observed the energy soaring all around. We went back to his college campus to walk around when we got there, the trees leaves all unfolded in unison and seemed to point a finger in the direction I was supposed to walk and to welcome me to the pathway. After about 40 minutes of this we went inside and again the floor was huge hills of ceramic tile. So walking over these hills we made the way to the elevator at which point the pattern in the floor was swirling around, got out and then the floor on his floor had green spots that were rising from the white floor. It was about 6 and a half hours in now and I wanted to go to sleep. I went to the bathroom and was startled by the two huge pupils that were my eyes. As I looked closer my nose started to go to the left side of my face and my hair was receding and then going back. I quickly went to lie down and turned off the lights. The clothes on the back of the chair were glowing like that mask in "scream", except green. I started thinking of all the people that I wish I could see because of how much I had taken them for granted and wanted to tell them how much they meant to me. The realisation was great, but the lonliness was there as well. I then snapped out of it very quickly and that was the end of my 8 hour great trip.

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