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Bathtub Gin

I have only eaten shrooms a couple times before.

I have only eaten shrooms a couple times before. Once on New Year's Eve, and once at a Phish concert, which I highly recommend. My parents went out of town for a week and I luckily have no brothers or sisters. The first night they were gone, I figured my friends and I would eat some shrooms. My three best friends came over and we split a little over a half ounce between the four of us. I live in the basement with tons of blacklights, strobe lights, tons of psychedelic stuff, and a five foot graffix glass bong. It works wonders. Anyways, we threw some mushrooms on some hamburgers and chomped away, washing it down with some Gatorade. We just sat around in my room for about 20 minutes, listening to some Pink Floyd and taking massive bong hits. All of a sudden the shrooms kicked in. I don't know how to explain it, but the walls in my room have these spiky indentions all over it. The wall just started melting and waving with the music. The strobe light was flashing and danced to the beat. The room was so smokey that I began to think I was walking through hell, seeing all the souls being tormented. I was guided by someone I didn't know but felt like I had known for years. I was in a good mood but it made me sad to see a bunch of souls in hell. All of sudden, I just kind of morphed into this heavenly state. My friends and I started taking more bong hits and we put in Phish's Lawn Boy cd. All my posters started swirling and dancing in these weird ass patterns. I sat there smoking a cigarette, staring at it. All of a sudden it grew into this huge forest. My friends and I were sitting in the middle of this big forest with huge ass trees just smoking some herb. There were birds flying around and we were just chilling, in total amazement. The music was still in the background at a perfect volume level, but the cd player was nowhere to be seen.
Then the song Bathtub Gin came on. The forest suddenlly disappeared and we were in this castle. There were all these jokers, kings, and queens, just dancing around with a martini. It was just a big party in the courtyard in this castle, with all these royalty people drinking bathtub gin and smoking weed. Phish was playing the song and I could actually see them playing off to the side. It was the most amazing thing that ever happened. We partied at the castle for awhile and then it all just disappeared and me and my friends were back in my room again. We were coming down so we put in some Floyd and smoked about three blunts and took like twenty bong hits of kind bud. It brought the trip back but we just sat there in amazement, pondering what had just happended. It was the best shrooms I had ever had. WOW!!!

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