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Dr Didj trip

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Well it all started in school when i was looking for some boomers. I had that feeling that i was gonna get some(they are hard to find around here) Luckily i did and coincidently i also had tickeds for a Dr Didge show. I got an eithe of so sick mushrooms it was about 6 nice sized shrooms stem and cap still connected, and really blue and they tasted very potent. We ate them raw on the way to the recher theater with some iced tea to wash them down. Then we smoked like three bowls of some quality kind trees and i got high as shit, but by the time we got to the parking garage i was getting really fucked up, i had that tripping insanity flowing in my head, and the walls of the garage were coverd in egyptian hiroglifics. I got to the show okay but freaking out in my head. Then Dr Didj started playing which was so crazy. I was dancing like a mad man loosing my mind and the music was making me even more insane. I ran to the bathroom and splashed water on my face, then looked to my left and saw the face of another kid who had to be on something like acid or something, and we both stated screaming and i started beating the walls with my hands. I walked out to the crowd dancing and then the music stopped, tHe lights came on, for it was the intermission between recipe who was next. Aftetr the music stopped i totally lost it and heard the pink floyd song run like hell started flow in my head so i ran outside for some air and the security garde would not let me back in so i was stuck in the city surrounded by people ehom i have never met but i was totally kiring my balls of at this point, I tried to get in but no success I htought i was actually going to be stuck in front of that building with those other people for the rest of my life. then my friend gave my his keys to sit in the car so i walked to the car and as i got in i thought it was my chossen way to drive the car so i started to drive my friends car on shrooms in the city i then turned down a one way strreet the wrong way hbut luckily turnrd of the road and then saw my friends who then saved me. Some more deataled shit happend but im to fucked up to type anymore, and the next day i found some pot in my pants pocket which i forgot was there so i would have been in jail if i wernt so lucky.

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