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BaReLy ThErE!!??

It was a slow boaring day,as it started.

It was a slow boaring day,as it started. My friend Ruben and Mark picked me up and showed me some premo asian golds. I almost fell over. Once we got to Rubens house <his 'rents were gone for vacation and wouldnt be back for a weekend> we made the tea and "cookies". We never trip hard without someone sober and sadly to say that was Mark.I begain to fill my mind with beautiful lovely thoughts. Ruben put in the clockwork orange sound strack to ease our minds. Me being the only chick i was a big afraid but THAT quickly sliped away. IN about 30 minuets colors of Rubens trip posters began to swerl and rumble to the music,everything was movin. The carpet turned into ocean waves and for some odd reason i was even morphing into thinks and so were my two friends. Portals and flaming pentacles swerled around and i was really dancing with the stars. Then, a weird blue swelring portal image formed on the wall and it felt as thought i could step right through it to the kitchen down stairs. Everything was so intence i had to sit down. It was weird cuz when a song called "rain" came on it started to rain int he livering room,the droplets became bigger and they seeon progressed into bubbles,bubbles verywhere.I knew i was tripping good.The rest of the time went by so fast,i saw so many things its hard to put them all down,i did end up waking up in the bathtub......in a bath of bubbles <for reals>

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