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Bad turns to Good

I had tripped a couple times in the past and never had a problem but this time was different.

I had tripped a couple times in the past and never had a problem but this time was different. Me and my buddy started eating our 8th of shrooms around 5:30 at night and we tripping full out by 6:00. With a blink of an eye, all of a sudden I was seeing swirls of colors and shapes all over my walls. The room we were standing in felt like it was turning upside down while we were in it, and the floor looked like a moving sidewalk with all sorts of psychedelia flowing like water almost. Everything was going well and then i felt a blast of extreme tiredness go through my body and i had all i could do to stand up as i could no longer feel my legs or arms. I started to feel sick and depressed and quickly went off into my first bad trip. For a solid 30 minutes i sat by myself in my room until i realized that if i wanted my bad trip to go away i was going to have to do something about it...not anyone else. I through on some new clothes hopped in my buddies car and went for a cruise. He was able to bring me back to the level i was at not that long ago and i was tripping harder than ever again. After this experience i leraned a lot about mushrooms. They enhanced the world around me as well as changed my entire perspective on life. This is something that willc arry on with me the rest of my life. I dont know if i will try mushrooms again, not over fear however. I would advise anyone considering tripping on shrooms to thoroughly familiarize themselves with this site and everything it has to teach. Trip safely people- peace

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