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BAD TRIP!!!!! =( any hints for me next time???

OK, so this is about my 4 time doing zoomers, it was a friday night.

OK, so this is about my 4 time doing zoomers, it was a friday night. I ate a 8th (4g) you know hoping to have a great time, i had never expirenced a bad trips so i had no idea what to expect if one happend. I was with my Friend and he had also eaten the same amount but my friend was alot bigger then me about 200Lb and im only about 100lb but a year older. But back on to topic about 15mins later my friend had felt a few of the effects but i didnt so we sat and sat finally i started to see my cheta print rug to jiggle arround each of the spots on it. I had juped to my feet to explaion to my friend what just happen.

After we had vegitated in amazment at my house we now decied to go on our journey that i was never in store for...My friend had asked me about a block away form my house if i wanted to take our first stop at the store i though that souned like a good idea so we then started our way to the store located 3 blocks from my house. Wow...my tripe had started to get alot more vivid and colorfull on the street lights had a fant glow of red to them every few minutes.

We had finally arrived at the store i had also purshceds items from here once when i was trippin on shrooms befor trippy place. The place has a back ally loook to it painted on the walls and shit. I had now wondered my way over to the water and pop section Booom all the boddles and jugs had started to make there way down the glasss making a drip like affect the most wierdst thing i had ever seen.

Still in my stae of mind i had maken it to the check out to purchase my water pull out my plastic and then punched in the pin number. wait....wait.....wait the processs to see if it went through felt like hours and hours of time my trip had jsut gone up another lvl.

I had started to feel very enclosed and scared of ppl knowing i was high and very sketched out of my surroundings.

We had arrived back in the park my friend going on about what he had been seeing ihad been seeing nothing to waht he ahd been seeing and that therfor made me feel more enclosed and frithgen i had by now been digging my self deeper into this trip i had never felt befor.

Ring..Ring i caled my girl friend to se what she was doing she said going out with her friend (and i have been overpretevtive of her) that is what set off the bad trip so i started to panic thing running through my mind like who she is with and all these things that would never happen in reality but my brain made them seem so realy by this point i was rumbling and over thinking about the police coming through and finding us in the park...I thought to my self i could nver speak to authority in this state befor .

Buy this point i was so bad into my trip that i decied to walk towards my house bad mistake my parents were home they new i smoked pot but were they in for a surprise.

When we arroived on the path that runs by my house i began to fell this wier velcro feeling as if my shoe were being velcroed to the pavment every step i took. I uikly ran towards my driveway hoping that the feeling would then go away but only got bad from there on the drain that is located had begun to sound as if it was underneatrh me driping but it had been about 20 feet down the street and i could hear it...that stones on my drive way looked indivduly painted on the ground...My friend was seeing nothing what i was.

We enterd my room i instantly ran to my bed hoping my parents woul;d not call my name my friend went to the computer located in the corner of my room.

I began to get this really awful feeling as if everyhting was trying to kill me or as if closing in on me. A few minutes had past it felt like it was getting worse by the mintute i lost any treain of thought or thinking patterns i started to cry in the corner of my bed.

My mom had yeld for my name down the stairs she then made her way down the staris and came into my room she lookied me in the eyes and said (what the hell are you on) i told her shrooms in a scary mixed up way the words came out all bakwards and mumbled mu Pupils filled the whole coloring of my eyes all black.

My mom then yelled for my dad asking him to come and examine me as i hudled in a corner of my bed my dad had once done these when he was lil to so he put a movie on the t.v (shark tales) wow the colors were so vauge and bright. I had then had this wierd feeling come upon me so wierd i had then made my way to the bathroom stumpling and things flashing red and turnining and swirling i had stood in the door way of my bathroom for a good 5 mins looking into the dark open space of my bathrrom i turned on the lighst blahhhh all these brights and spectrum colors had oozed from my mouth i had whiped my eyse to tak a look after to seen what ahd happen i had puked all in my tup.

My dad had then rushed to the bathroom looking at me in a way i had never seen befor his face dripping and then swirling back to shape my mid was not even registering what was happing at this time i was so into space i jst layed in my bed for a few ours of my trip looking into nothing but the wall or celing wondering if i would ever be the same again.

A good hour had gone by i finally had come downj half into reality. Me feeling still diorntated and unaware of what just happen wow was like a bad dream.

I have had slight depression for a bit wondering if it could of been fomr this trip. the depression is still here!

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