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bad trip @ Bonarroo

Wow, it is very hard to describe how bad of a trip I had in the middle of buttfuck tennessee, but I can try to explain.

Wow, it is very hard to describe how bad of a trip I had in the middle of buttfuck tennessee, but I can try to explain. I had taken shrooms twice before and the first time was awesome until we ripped 6 bowls in a bong, then i started to tweak a little, but nothing serious. The second time i didnt trip hard, and had a good time. This time I woke up at 1030 in the morning and popped a 30 mg time release aderall to get me going. On the way to the concert I bought three beers and was really energized. When I got back two hours later I ripped about 7 shots and had two more beers. I was drunk and we went to the OAR concert. After me and two friends got back, we were tired, but I wanted to get fucked up. My friend Ryan and I bought 6 nitrous balloons and took all of them in 15 minutes. It was like 12:30 at nightand I was fucked up but for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take shrooms. Me and ryan flagged down random peple asking for shrooms. Eventually we found some sketchy kid who gave us a fat 8th for 20 bux. Ryan and I split them and I took the fatter portion. My other friend tried to go to sleep. Ryan decided he was tired to and wanted to sleep right after we took the shrooms. I was so pissed off i started yelling becaue you dont let ur shroom partner fend for himself around a campfire in the middle of nowhere. About 15 min after eating them I was out of my fucking mind. Unbelievable visuals and sounds, they werent cool sounds, they were scary and I felt like I was in hell. I tried to sleep because I didnt want to be by myself. I closed my eyes and heard very loud voices from other campers moaning in my ear and they felt 3 feet away. I heard nitrous balloons being blown every 5 seconds and the wind was blowing the tent and scaring the shit out of me. I couldnt move but I wanted to and I couldnt close my eyes because the aderall was still strong. I lied there trying to convince myself I wasnt having a bad trip, but I couldnt. I just kept getting so angry for taking the shrooms in the first place. I was so scared and tweaked out that I tried to throw up in the first hour. I stuck my finger down my throat over 25 times and got everything out, it didnt stop my trip and almost made it worse. Then I took shots of vodka because I heard that alcohol stops the trip. I was thinking about leaving the campsite but I was too scared. I was so angry for taking the shrooms and was worried that everyboyd would know I had a bad trip. My friend was trying to fall asleep but he couldnt. he was having intense visuals but he wasnt as verbal about his struggles. He wasnt having a good time, but he wouldnt admit it. This pissed me off and made me feel like I was reacting poorly to the shrooms.I continued to have awfule visuals and i thought I was in hell, i wasn't suicidal but it was just the worst feeling I ever had with any drug ever. at 2:30 my buddies came back from the other shows and it calmed me down fora little. Their faces seemed to melt and the fire was entrancing me. I was still going hard. I said something about creatures crawling on me and they made fun of me for overdosing. This made it worse, but I felt comfortable around them. I tried throwing up more, but nothing came out. After another hour of hell including random voices yelling they were going to "take the river" and the nitrous balloons getting in my head, i finally lied down peacefully, the aderall kept me up to 5:30 and then i fell asleep. I was depressed for two days after and it was the worst experience of my life. I will never do shrooms again!

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