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Bad Trip

OK, so I'm home all alone, I have about a quarter of some pretty decent shroomies.

OK, so I'm home all alone, I have about a quarter of some pretty decent shroomies. Around 5 or so I take an eight. Not really feeling anything, I go outside to the beach to walk for alittle while. The trip sets in. It hits pretty hard, and I feel really good. I lay down for alittle while and am just enjoying the trip. All of a sudden my ears start to bleed. Then my nose starts to bleed. At this point I am really freakin out. This is about an hour into the trip. I go down to my shower to clean off, and hope it calms me down a bit. I get out feeling a little better, but still am kinda shaken. I call my friend up because we were supposed to do something. He is in the Air Force, so he doesn't do drugs, just booze. We decide to go and see Saw 2. On the way up there I grab a Red Bull, my energy drink of choice. This is about 2 1/2 hours after the onset of the trip. I wasn't thinking clearly and I had thought that it was around 5 hours after the trip. I figured, the I am done tripping, I need some energy. I chug the Red Bull, and about 5 minutes later I start to shake and feel really weird. We get to the theater around 7 or so. We get our tickets, at this point I am pretty much out of it. I go to the bathroom to take a piss and I look in the mirror. My eyes are basically big black circles. Not good I think to myself. I go into the theater and sit down. The movie starts, and my high is getting stronger and stronger. About 30 minutes into the movie, just as the guy was about to enter the room with the pit of needles, I have to take another piss. I ask my friend if anything important is going to happen. He tells me to wait for like 5 minutes, so I do. Just as he opens the door ,I think fuck it I have to piss. This is the last thing I remember for about 10 minutes. From his accounts I got up, arched my back, then fell to the ground spasming. The next thing I remember is cops, an ambulance, and blood getting taken from my arm. Anyways, moral of the story...Don't drink Red Bull while on shrooms. Sorry about the long ass story, hope you enjoyed it. By the way this was prolly my 9th-10th time eatin em.

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