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double trip

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this is going to be a very strange post becasue i have 2 stories to tell. teh first one starts at 1230 on december 31 when me and 2 friends took about half an 1/8 of mushrooms. then we went with my friensd sister to pick up a keg for her new years party. when we were sittingin the back i started to feel the efects. we were pretty stoned too at teh time, as we ussulay are when we are together. but this was different. like a 3x as high feeling. then we went to the movies, this is an hour and a hafl later and our trip is already going. we saw Lord Of the Rings. it was great! the movie was a long journey, a trip. everything was crazy. but afterwards i will realize that that was not the best place to do it. later that night we are at my frinds house, which is big, and his sister (who is 24) is havinga new years party. we take an 1/8 each at about 1030. some peop[le might say that is bad, concidereing we already tripped, but i would say they are wrong, it was amazing. this time i really tripped!!! it was incredible. me and my friend naftali were inseperable all night. i call him the other half of my brain. we went on a journey like no other. we were in a huge house with friends and aparty. there were abotu 30 24-26 year old people there, no adults. we sat around a hookah smoking nargilah (falvored tabacco) almost all night. then we were all the way upstsairs in a littel room with couches and blankets and Phish. lights were off, we ahd glow sticks to provide a VERY luminecent glow on the room. there we tripped hard!!! flowing, changing, morphing visulas. flying patterns and shapes. then we went downstairs after a whiel to our friemds room, joey. he was tripping too. he was lying onhis bed with the lights off so we lied with him. there we experienced the peak of our trip. we could hear rthe music coming from downstaris at teh party. it was the background to our best experience ever. i cant explain what i saw, it was a truly spiritual experince though. eventually our trip starrted to come down so naftali and I, who were inseperable (even in the bathroom, neither of us could stand bering apart, we needed each other that night) sat around the hookah smoking it and drinking for the rest of the night really. listening to grateful dead. it was the most incredible experience of my life. now thinking about it, the movie was a waste of a trip. joey's house was an adventure, a journey . we set an itinerary for ourselves and stuck to it, even if it took us an hour to complete one mission. my message to everyone is if you are in a comfortable evironment and u trip with friends u will have the best experience of your life!!!!

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