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Bad Trip

I did shrooms for the first time and was not educated at all.

I did shrooms for the first time and was not educated at all. I ate an eighth of shrooms and my friend and I went walking around town. I was in the mall when I started to feel the high. I felt really happy and everything was funny. We looked in the mirror and both of our eyes were dialted insanely. After exiting the mall we went on our way to the theater. I began to become very scared because I wasn't educated on them. On shrooms and at night everything looked different. Eventually we got to the theater, by then we were both tripping balls. I was honestly very scared at that point. I didn't know I would get so tripped out on the small amount of shrooms we ate. It felt like I was in a noisy room with too many people talking. Peoples voices started to run together and sound really high pitched like little midgets. At one point faces started to move in wavy forms as I looked at them. After figuring out that neither my friend nor I could make out the movie theater times on the board, we made our way back to the mall. My friend said at one point I just stopped smiling and he said thats when he knew something was wrong with me. It all started to go bad back at the mall. I started sweating in insane amounts, I had to keep wiping my forehead the whole time. Things started to mix together, every time I looked at a person I felt like they were staring at me and talking shit about me. My friend went to the bathroom but I was so incoherent at the time I didn't understand him say that. When he left I got really really scared because I was alone. I went to sit down at the food court and the table blended in with the floor. I did not feel like I was in the happy place I considered the mall to be. My friend came out, and then I went into this huge trip. I felt like I was going through doors upon doors. They kept hitting me and I felt like I had a hard time getting through. I didn't know what it was all about. At some point we made it down to this street, where I sat and refused to get up for 2 hours. During this 2 hours I removed my shirt several times, took off my shoes and tried to start a fight with my friend. He said I wouldn't get up and he was scared immensely. During the time laying there I couldnt tell the difference between what was reality and what wasnt. Several times I licked the cement wall and the ground. I bit my lips until the point of them bleeding and I have several bruises on my face. On the bus ride home I tried to start fights with people and began crying because I couldnt figure out why I was on the earth. I blame myself for this trip, and not the shrooms. I didn't know what to expect, and I began to panic when I couldnt read the theater sign. My advice is to NEVER EVER, EVER panic on a hallucination drug. It just makes it 10x worse than it already is. Just calm down and keep a thick line of communication with your friends. Tell them whats wrong and what you can or are inable to do. I would do them again , now with knowledge of the drug on my side just to see if I can get a happy, psychadellic trip. By the way..don't make a habit of saying your thoughts on shrooms. According to my friend thats all I did for 2 hours on the ground is just talk like I'm on speed.

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