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This Trip Happened A While Back.

This Trip Happened A While Back...
First of all here's the set and setting:
The day started out with a fight with my mother. The usual bitching and such. I didn't fight back, i think arguing is stupid especialy with people you care about(unless it's for fun or to prove a truth). School was winding down and i was graduating and didn't really have any reason to go to class so i toured over to my friend's house.
This guy lives in a crappy duplex with some lady who's a prison gaurd hehe. So i went over and he sold me some weed for a sweet price and then took me up to his room (the prison gaurd lady wasn't home, she lets him deal out of her house anyways, crazy!). So i get up there and a bunch of my good friends are all there. After half a second of seeing them i noticed they were all extremley under the influence of K. One of my friends whips out a large vial of Ketamine Hcl. and poured me a HUGE bump (more like a mountain than a bump) so i sniffed it, it kicked in in about 7 mins. The K trip was fun and meaningless, i didn't go into the K hole which is what i would've liked as K without a K hole is kind of silly, but it's fun none the less. Now one of these guys owed me some money and had mushrooms so he hooked me up with a half quarter. And i bought 4 grams of another guy who had some at the house. The house is always insanely dirty and
is in general a shithole (the woman doesn't take care of her house at all). But i ussually don't mind it.
It was totally not the right atmosphere for shrooms but i didn't care, looking back i realize that all the above factors were what contributed to my bad trip this time.
The Trip:
I ate the mushrooms (4 grams) while i was still feeling the K, i gave some mushrooms away to a couple of guys so we could all trip together. It was winter but for some reason it was warm enough for us to were t-shirts outside. As i was coming up on the mushrooms i began to feel a small amount of nausea. This small feeling made me a bit paranoid about having to puke and the feeling grew and grew and grew because i was focusing on it more and more. Finally when i was about to lose it and puke somone suggested we go for a walk to a nearby forest. To me that sounded like a good idea!
So we walked down to the forest talking and i wasn't feeling nauseated any longer but where we reached our destination and sat down it came back. We were sitting on a boardwalk in the forest that looks over a small waterfall that pours gently into a small river. It's a beautiful place. But quickly i began hallucinating many frighteing faces appearing on all the rocks around me. They were laughing and making disgusting facial expresions at me. Usually i would have found this amusing but my mindset was now undenyabley negative. The sick feeling in my stomache continued to worsen. I began to worry if i had eat moldy shrooms and was getting sick. But i had looked them over carfully before i did them and was sure they weren't moldy. I began to dwell on my life and my family and all the things that i've done wrong, the mushrooms kept throwing all the negative aspects of my life right up in my face so i had to deal with them (i now realize that i needed a swift kick in the ass at the time and the mushrooms provied that). I was wading deep into my problems and trying to work them out all by myself in my own little head trip, my friends had no clue i was having a bad trip because i couldn't really put my words into speech.
I decided to smoke some weed to relieve the nasuea (i knew perfectly well about the synergy it would create but was hoping it would break me out of this downward sprial of thoughts. The trees became suddenly animated after my first toke, and my nasuea suddenly took a turn for the worse. The trees bended and warped violently and the moss on the side of them appeared to turn into green mist fill the whole forest. Evil looking visuals began forming in the green fog and ugly, melting hands and feet were slowly oozing out of all the trees around me (remember this is a forest there are ALOT of trees). So then i looked at my watch, and at that exact moment i completley lost my ability to understand the concept of time. I decided i'd better start walking home if i wanted to be able to straighten myself out before work. So i walked, it was hard because i kept hallucinating the bottom half of my body running away and leaving my top half floating there. I sat down on a bench to compose myself. Every car that went by made a sound like the horrible wail of some dying creature. Then my dad saw me and picked me up. He threw me the keys (which just fell to the ground as i didn't resond hehe) and asked me if i wanted to drive home, i picked them up, they didn't look like keys anymore at all and told him i didn't feel like driving but i needed a ride anyways, i went into my house and had a shower. That made me feel alot better, my nasuea all but dissappeared after that. And suddenly without warning so did my ego, i was launched into so many different trains of thought at once, i heard whispering all around me and everything seemed to shimmer with silvery light. I lay on the bathroom floor for what felt like a long time in my own little head trip until i regained the ability to function.
Then time started to make sense, but i was still tripping hard. I looked at the clock and saw it was about time to go to work. So i threw some intellegent techno in my walkman and walked to work. The music made me feels so rejuvinated.
At work i was in a really good mood. The carpets all tunred into huge rotating mandalas and i kept seeing lovley crystaline rainbow tracers of everything. I was aware that the mushrooms had taught me some valuable lessons about life. After that trip i really improved my life, the mushrooms showed me what needed to be fixed and how it could be fixed, as well as the things that are truly important in this world.
The mushrooms also taught me that if we as a people are to evolve we must be 100% benevolent. Animals use violence, and mark territory, and just breed because it's the only thing they know how to do, and right now that's what most humans do too, but we have the potential to be so much more!
Even a bad trip has its value, you must be open to being taught a lesson the hard way if you're going to understand the message.
Thanks for reading.

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