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Bad Moon

Ive heard from most of my friends that trips from shrooms are not as they are said to be good enough for the time to be wasted.

Ive heard from most of my friends that trips from shrooms are not as they are said to be good enough for the time to be wasted. Bullshit.
Here in Phoenix Arizona there are plenty of people that live in my area that I know grow assortments of many natural drugs. I called up a close friend and told him that he could come over so we could both go over to the providers pad so I could get something. Justin didnt know what it was at the time. When I rode up to the guys house he was already chilling outside with some odd looking freaks that seemed to be buying something, most likely some pot, I couldnt remember what they were getting. I slowly walked up to his porch to await for the other people to leave. When I asked the guy for some shrooms he asked me what type, at that time I was stumbling around in my mind trying to think of what I should say, but he said that, the only type of shroom that i sell you wouldnt want to eat kid and retardedly I told him that I would buy it, I cant recall about how much I paid but I had forty dollars that day and my wallet was empty the next afternoon. He gave me a black taped baggy with I think 8 full shrooms. Justin was in the car crying about how hot it was and wanted to go back.
We arrived home before dawn. Justin called some friends over which I knew and was cool with, but I had to call my friend Tim to come over but his mentally challenged bi pollar ass wasnt home like usual. By eight o'clock there were 5 people anxious to get some fungus poisoning so Eric finally got me to cut them up in quarters. Eric brought in his Jack Daniels to chase the shrooms with. I turned my stereo on with some Xerox. Xerox would be techno/trance for the slow people.
I poured the whole bottle in a coke cup and raised it to my mouth full of fungi with everybody watching me nervously getting ready to chug a shroom or two, it went down slowly and painfully for some reason. While I was drinking water to get it down farther everyone had taken their dose. They had already switched the music to old school metallica. While I sat in my seemingly dank couch everyone got hungry. I started to feel the effects of my dose. My first acknowlegdement of what would br my first horrifing trips of my life so far. I started to think of my tile being sand and I thought I was sinking down rather quickly so I laid back so the floor wasnt visable. Then I noticed the fan looking like it was falling with a face on the main bulb in the center. I just stood up and walked outside, my friends were all outside I think and we started walking up to a mexican place called filibertos when I looked at the night sky and watched millions of red and green falling stars go everywhere. My friend Cory told me that he was driving us there with wheels on his feet, I almost died laughing when he told me that. I remember talking to a bag lady about how to ask for change, she had ears like a donkey and she had green skin, I remember when we started to walk away I thought she was in my pocket in my wallet, also when walking by a bashas signit started throwing those red gym balls at my friend Chris. When we got to Filibertos I was so unable to sit down I felt like a tree and was really old. I ordered a chimichanga with a soda, I think it was fruit punch. I still had some shrooms in my pocket from my untaken dose so I put it in my chimi and ate away, the chimi looked really funky almost like a video game all about eating a chimi. My friends told me that I was making noises. When we finished I had a feeling that we were running from something when exiting fillibertos so we all ran to the nearest stoplight. When cars where passing I could feel the wind from them, it was hard wind gusts that made trails of light from where the cars where passing their headlights and brake lights streeking everywhere.
We got home in what seemed to be an hour walk before what now was like a few seconds. We all decided it would be fun jumping off my roof into my pool, I had to do it. Everyone that was on top jumped off slowly like they were floating in space so I got really nervous and looked at the moon that had a freakishly looking face, i remember this like a kid waiting for the next night for a continued nightmare. The moon had bulging eyes that were yellow and a big smile with sharp buck teeth, the moon told me over and over ,jump to fly or stay and die, while it was yelling this line over and over my friends were yelling at me to jump in when I focused in on justin, he had the same face of the moon and looked foggy in a way. I sat down by my AC and picked at my toe nail that felt like a crispy stale cake crumbling away. After I got away from not looking at the real moon for awhile the noise of my friends and the moon yelling fused together and sounded like wind in a tunnel. I looked at the pool which wasnt moving while my friends wrestled in the unmovable water. I took my fear and turned it in to humor and looked at the moon with the face that wasnt yelling at me but seemed to laugh with me and started to melt like a fastly burning candle, I told my friends to look. They looked around and got out of the way like I was going to jump in, as I started to get up it felt like my ass was still on the ground, I walked to the near edge and floated into the water like gravity was working with my humor towards my fear of the moon. I swam around and took a green noodle thing and floated on it the rest of the night. When I woke up on my lawn on the left side of the pool my friends were all gone except for juston. He somehow got inside with the doors locked and windows shut. Later when I rinsed off in my pool i knocked on my door and Juston got up quick like he was up already. I talked about the night and what happend when he blurted out that we were fucking stupid for what we did and how we left him home without any shrooms. Juston never tripped with us and when i saw him waiting for me to jump in with the moon face on, I realized that he wasnt out there, thats what he told me that he ignored us and watched porn all night waiting for us to knock to come in. Oh well, he missed a great trip along with Tim, the only people that have told me that shrooms suck when theyve never tried them before. Bullshit. How would they know, maybe they should ask the moon.

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